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Thank you so much for visiting Travel Wonders of the World. I hope that you enjoy sharing my travel wonders and it can inspire you to discover your own while travelling.

I appreciate your comments and opinions. Please do not hesitate to add them to any post or email me with comments, queries, feedback or information at travel.wonders (at)

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Travel Wonders offers a limited amount of advertising and sponsorship for travel-related products and services. Minimum term is one month and maximum term is twelve months (discounts for longer terms). Options include widgets, buttons, text links and posts. If you have other creative suggestions, please send me an email and ask. I am always happy to try to find a mutually satisfactory arrangement.

I am also available for unbiased reviews of travel-related products, clothing, equipment, gadgets, guidebooks, online systems and attractions, which will be disclosed as such.

Travel Wonders publishes a number of travel-related guest posts. All are clearly marked as such. From fellow bloggers and non-for-profits, these guest articles are published gratis. Where the article features or notes a commercial travel organisation, a payment is typically received.

In return, you’ll get a targeted online audience for your business and a trusted recommendation.

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