Thursday, February 28, 2008

Monopoly - And who did you vote for

I have had a few people ask me what my ten selections were for the Monopoly cities. I wanted to ensure that all the continents were represented and that they were all special cities full of travel wonders that I would want to own. Let’s face it, any of the cities would be a bargain at the rates Monopoly typically charges.

Paris – the city of Love with fantastic food, great boulevards, superb art and great buildings
Prague – Europe’s architectural wonder with a medieval center topped by a castle over 1000 years old
Moscow – the great Russian city
Rome – so much history with the Roman Forum, Colosseum, superb churches, great piazzas, a joy of living and the Vatican
Cairo – the home of the Pyramids and 1000s of years of history
New York – the Big Apple with its hectic pace, great museums and excesses of life
Buenos Aires – the Paris of the south
Tokyo – a collision of a wonderful ancient culture with modern business and life
Hong Kong – towering skyscrapers, great lights and an eclectic mix of the east and the west
Sydney – the sun-drenched harbor city, great beaches and lots of life

…and it was difficult to leave out several other cities out.


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