Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Top Ten African Travel Wonders - Part Two (Rank 6-10)

This is part two of the top ten travel wonders of Africa featuring those sights ranked six to ten. A separate post lists sights ranked one to five.

Here are numbers six to ten of the list.

6. Sahara Desert

The parched emptiness of the Sahara is a mesmerising sight. Honed by centuries of wind and erosion, rocky plains, saw-toothed mountains, gravelly escarpments and sweeping sand dunes define a cruel terrain which remains inviting for its remoteness, unearthliness and vivid clear night skies. The small oasis towns reveal a fight for survival over the centuries, the small patches of green celebrating the availability of rare ancient wells and waterholes.

7. Moroccan Cities of Marrakesh and Fès

The greatest of the ancient imperial Moroccan cities, Marrakesh and Fès both boast labyrinthine souks. These remarkable bazaars challenge every sense, boasting every conceivable form of craft (leatherwork, carpet weaving, metal workers, etc.), food stalls and teashops. Exotic aromas of spices clash with the stench of the dye pits. Magnificent tiled mosques house hordes of locals obeying the five-times-per-day call to prayer. Marrakesh's huge Djemaa el Fna main square becomes a nightly circus with snake charmers, jugglers, acrobats, fortune tellers and magicians entertaining you as you eat from the broad variety of food stalls and fresh juice bars.

8. Dogon Villages of Mali

With traditional animist beliefs based on Sirius (the Dog Star), the Dogon people live in small villages sprinkled along the 200 kilometre Bandiagara Cliff. Their unique mud-brick houses are built along the cliff edge with a variety of buildings for habitation, meetings and grain storage (and other personal possessions).

9. Leptis Magna

The greatest of Africa’s Roman ruins, Leptis Magna overlooks the glistening Mediterranean Sea. Built as a full Roman city, Leptis Magna includes ruins of theatres, athletic areas, forums, markets and temples. A number of other ancient ruins exist in Libya.

10. Zanzibar

With its rich history of Arab trade, the Spice Islands are a relaxing break from “normal” Africa with its old Stone Town and palm-fringed beaches. The gentle aromas of cloves and nutmeg waft and permeate through the honeycomb of ancient narrow alleyways lined with whitewashed Arabic houses adorned with superbly carved doors and enclosed wooden balconies. Culturally independent of Tanzania, magnificent mosques and quaint bazaars and shops provide a treasure trove of exploring opportunities.

Return in a few days for the top five African travel wonders.


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