Saturday, May 31, 2008

Top Ten Travel Wonders of South America - Rank 6 - 10

This entry covers the South American travel wonders ranked six to ten. Please read the top five list first.

6. Patagonia / Torres del Paine (Argentina / Chile)

Jagged mountain peaks, azure-blue lakes, cascading waterfalls and thick glaciers provide an alluring outdoor experience to those wandering into the southern reaches of the American continent.

7. Andes

Snaking around 8000 kilometres (5000 miles) from the southern tip of the continent to Venezuela, the Andes are the world’s second highest mountain range including the imposing Aconcagua.

8. Angel Falls (Venezuela)

Tumbling 979 metres, the world’s tallest falls are difficult to access but are little changed from when the American bush pilot stranded his plane when landing near the top of the falls.

9. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

The sun-soaked Atlantic beaches, the world famous Carnaval festival and the two great city vistas (from Sugar Loaf mountain and the Christ the Redeemer statue) makes Rio the most rewarding city in South America.

10. Nazca Lines (Peru)

Only truly visible from the air, mysterious and spectacular geometric designs and giant animals (100 to 200 metres across) including a monkey, a spider, a condor and a hummingbird were gouged into the arid Peruvian desert by an ancient culture.

Come back in a few days to see the top five South American travel wonders.


Joseph said...

Thank you for sharing. I may not be able to travel so much in such a short period. South America has a very large states.

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