Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pretty as a Picture or Leaving an Impression (Giverny, France)

Dramatically changing by the seasons, the tranquil symmetric Water Garden is as much a travel wonder today as it was when being recorded on canvas by Claude Monet’s artistic brushstrokes around 100 years ago. The Japanese bridge elegantly arches over the jeweled waterway bedecked with lilies and reflections from the dappled light through the overhanging weeping willow trees.

Monet concentrated his later life painting similar scenes in a variety of light, seasons and times of day. His famed Waterlilies series (of which there are around 250 paintings) were drawn in this very garden.

Breaking the peaceful mood and crossing under the teeming traffic on the ugly D5 and into the equally intense traffic of the gift shop, Monet’s house and studio can be viewed. His house is furnished in an oriental style but sadly no original Monets decorate the walls. Some original Monets (including a Waterlily) can be sighted in the nearby town of Verdon.

Most importantly, take your time to wander the gardens, dream of Monet’s time while standing on the bridge and sit, relax and enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of Monet’s majestic Water Garden in Giverny. Being only 50 miles (80 km) from Paris, Giverny certainly leaves an impression.


The Monet painting above is courtesy of Playing around, the picture to the right shows the first photo with an artistic filter applied with PhotoShop. Not quite Monet, but certainly has the earmarks of a painting!


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