Friday, August 22, 2008

New International Monopoly - Which Cities Can You Buy?

The folks at Hasbro, the makers of Monopoly have announced the winners of their new 22 city International edition. This was done by a world-wide poll (over 5 million recorded votes) early in the year, where each person could select ten cities from an original list of 68. Two wildcard cities of Taipei and Gdynia (Poland) were selected outside of the original list and won the location of the cheapest properties.

The cities are:

Dark blue - Montreal, Riga
Green - Capetown, Belgrade, Paris
Yellow - Jerusalem, Hong Kong, Beijing
Red - London, New York, Sydney
Orange - Vancouver, Shanghai, Rome
Magenta - Toronto, Kyiv (Kiev), Istanbul
Light blue - Athens, Barcelona, Tokyo
Brown/Purple - Taipei, Gdynia (Gdansk)

Canada and China each contributed three cities, while Montreal won the valued prime location typically held by Mayfair (UK edition) or Boardwalk (US edition). Six of my votes made the final board. No South American city made the cut.

What cities do you think should have made it that missed out?


TravelWhippet said...

At least one South American city deserves to get in and Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires are the two top choices. Having been to Rio, it would be my choice.

Suzanne Perazzini said...

Hi Mark,
I saw you dropped into my blog so thought I'd visit. I love what I have seen so far. As a keen traveler (40 countries and counting)I know a lot of the places you mention. Of your 5 top African spots, I have been to four but would love to see the flamingoes.
The list of cities rather surprised me, especially because our beautiful city of Auckland in New Zealand is not listed. I would have put Rome at the top but everyone expects something different from cities so I can accept the differences of opinion. I will return often.

Mark H said...

@travelwhippet: I'd have liked to see Rio or B.A.

@suzanne: I suspect there weren't enough Kiwis to vote Auckland home. But I agree - a beautiful and most welcoming city. And no Moscow, no Cairo and a few other omissions as well. I guess 22 is a fairly short list of cities to make. The Canadians clearly got out and voted in numbers.

Anonymous said...

wow! your post is very awesome! I have learnt something new! Thanks friend! (:

Jim Lim

Carrie said...

Hi Mark
This is an interesting compilation of cities. I think they did a fair job of including cities from around the world. I would have liked to have seen Kuala Lumpur and Buenos Aires on that list.

Mark H said...

@carrie: I agree. I'd have liked to see a South American city (maybe Buenos Aires or Rio). Not so sure about KL, but a SE Asian city would make sense too (maybe Singapore or Bangkok?). Every one we add, we need to eliminate one!!

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