Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Travel Website with a Difference - Heinz Stucke

Over the last forty-five years, Heinz Stucke has been cycling the world. He has covered around 550,000 kilometres (340,000 miles) across almost 200 countries, circling the globe at least ten times. This has consumed 20 passports. For nearly the entire time, he has ridden on the same trusty old three-speed bicycle. His story is simple which makes it more remarkable.

Stucke supports himself by selling some of the 100,000 photos he has taken along with a booklet with his story. His various scrapes include being arrested, shot at, accidents, illnesses and having his bike stolen (and recovered). An interview given in 2000 reveals a little of his unassuming nature and his passion for the world. It is an adventure story like no other.

More photos of his ventures are available.

Photo source: Wikipedia

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Lifecruiser said...

It's so fascinating. How on earth does he survive. Traveling for so long - and on a bike. Admirable. I could not have done it. Not alone and not for so long. I believe that after a while, I'd have to have an own home to go back and forward to, at least. And the same friends and family, not new faces all the time. A fantastic man, clearly!

lucky emperor said...

Mind you, there is a strange feeling of privilege in walking on the same paths as followed by the Incan Indians some five hundred years ago.

Mark H said...

@lifecruiser: It's amazing to me too. He never seems to tire or get homesick.

@lucky-emperor: Your comment is aimed at the Inca Trail story but thank you all the same.

Anonymous said...

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