Sunday, March 15, 2009

Photo of the Week - Scribbly Gum

The Scribbly Gums are unique to the Sydney area and feature strange wiggly marks around its trunk. A particular moth lays its eggs underneath the outer layer of the light coloured bark. The resulting larvae bury into the tree leaving a series of tunnels. When the tree sheds its bark, the new bark shows the various trails like a child had drawn on the tree with a felt pen.

These wonderful trees can be seen walking around any of the national parks in or around Sydney including the Blue Mountains, Kurringai Chase, Lane Cove and Royal National Parks. When damp with the morning dew or rain, they can make for some unusual and artistic photos.


Cuckoo said...

Oh, I have been to Blue mountains and Lane cove but never paid any heed to this detail.

Thanks for sharing this.

jasperjugan said...


Anonymous said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments..

Have a nice week..


Debo Hobo said...

Nature really is a remarkable artist, eh?

Heather Dugan ("Footsteps") said...

I've really been enjoying your recent posts. You tell it well...

Mark H said...

@cuckoo: You must have seen them even if you didn't take much note

@travelandtrips: Nice blog

@debohobo: Nature is the finest artist we have

@footsteps: Generous comments. Thank you and keep up your remarkable blog too - one of the best.

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