Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photo of the Week - Cheetah (Kenya)

To me, cheetahs make the most elegant and regal of all the African cats. They are superbly designed for speed with their long sleek body and lengthy tail used like a rudder. Paired with his brother and ever alert, this young male cheetah surveys the Masai Mara bushland.

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Martin in Bulgaria said...

I also think that cheetah's heads are too small for their body. Great shot!

marina villatoro said...

The cheetah is the most beautiful animal PERIOD! and my son will actually contest to that, cause lately he thinks he's one:)
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Abhinav said...

Awesome pic. I like Tiger the most of all the big cats may be coz they are our national animal.

Mark H said...

@martin: I guess their head is smaller but seems Ok to me.

@marina: Cool.

@abhinav: I'd love to see a tiger in the wild. They are majestic animals.

jasperjugan said...

nice pic! i still have to see one in real life :D

Mark H said...

@jasperjugan: I am sure you'll get a chance at some point to see one in real life.

Cecil Lee said...

I could only see a cheetah in our zoo here. Unfortunately, it was really difficult to shoot an animal when they are moving around so I think you have done a great job!

Mark H said...

@cecil: These two stayed still enough to photograph well. And the light was very bright.

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