Monday, May 25, 2009

Photo of the Week - Emu (Australia)

The flightless emu is native to Australia and is the second tallest bird in the world. Though not regularly seen in the wild, this one was sighted in Western Australia not far from the moonscape area of The Pinnacles. It seemed contented to stay near its waterhole. Despite their slightly bedraggled shaggy feathers, emus are powerful runners capable of deceptive speeds. Seeing a flock of emus running on the dusty outback ground is a spectacular sight.

The emu is one of two animals on the Australian coat of arms supporting the shield. Both animals are notable for the fact that they cannot walk backwards, symbolic for Australia's forward progress.

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eunice said...

I still hope to visit W.A again, love the wildlife and nature. The Pinnacles would be a place I want to visit if I return to W.A again.

Quickroute said...

Oz also has the casawary - an emu like bird although much more rare - I managed to sneak a peek on the north east coast

Mark H said...

@eunice: The Pinnacle are well worth a visit (especially at sunset).

@quickroute: Good score. I've never seen a cassowary in the wild though I've seen several in zoos. I might do a future photo of the week with the cassowary. I think they are related to the emu.

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

I hope I get to see a flock of them some day.... *dreaming*

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Final_Transit said...

Very interesting Mark, the 'walking forward' thing!

Debo Hobo said...

The only thing I know about the Emu is that folks here in the states try to make millions farming and eating them. I'm glad that idea went bust.

Mark H said...

@lifecruiser: Thanks for the invite. I'll be there.

@final_transit: Great symbolism by our forefathers.

@debo_hobo: Farmers do here too selling feathers, leather and oil. I think the industry has faded and been fairly unsuccessful here too though I'm sure there are a few successes around. Emu Oil to solve nearly any medical issuewas the rage for a while but I haven't seen it advertised for a fair while now.

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