Saturday, August 1, 2009

Drinks Around the World: Becherovka (Czech Republic)

A group of travel bloggers are in their third month of celebrating a drink of the month.

With a recent focus on the Czech Republic with a tour of Prague and a guide to seven of the best Czech castles, this months offering comes from this popular central European country.

Becherovka is a drink based on a bewildering array of secret herbs and spices including cinnamon and aniseed. It has an intense fragrant flavour that is slightly bitter. Many enjoy it with tonic or soda water though I preferred it neat. Though previously difficult to find, it has started to appear on occasional shelves in Sydney and undoubtedly other countries around the world.

To add mystery to the product, only two people are rumoured to know the secret recipe handed down through the last two hundred years.

So here is a na zdravĂ­ to all those international drinkers at our mid-year cocktail party.

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marina villatoro said...

What a unique drink! Strong too:)

Debo Hobo said...

Is it like a Ginor Vodka?

GMG said...

Hi Mark!
From Czech Rep. I would take the true Pilsen beer... ;)

Blogtrotter is back to the «urban jungle», which Reykjavik is far from being... ;)). Enjoy and have a fabulous week!

Mark H said...

@marina: Strong but really uplifting and refreshing.

@debo hobo: Not like vodka though I don't know Ginor Vodka.

@GMG: I went to Plsen and almost featured that, but I bought beer last month to the virtual drinks party.

Anil said...

I'll look around for this and give it a try if I can find it :)

Mark H said...

@anil: You can get it in Sydney now so hopefully you can get it in your home city as well.

Maureen Lopez said...

I am crazy about drinks. Thanks for sharing us this nice drink. I will sure try it..

Mark H said...

@maureen: I hope that you get to find the drink.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. I would like to get updated with you new posts as I love to read your blog. Add me to your mailing list if you have any.

Mark H said...

@anonymous: Simply subscribe using the button in the top right hand corner.

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