Monday, November 9, 2009

Photo of the Week - Waratah (Australia)

In the midst of spring, Sydney is awash with colourful flowers and blooms. The state floral emblem of the waratah is spectacular with its large deep red flower. The hardy waratah scrub suits the sandy soils of the area and even regenerates if burned to a crisp after a savage bushfire.


RennyBA's Terella said...

Interesting: While you are into spring - we've of course fall in Norway :-)

This really takes me down the memory lane from when I was in Australia more than 10 years ago in Dec/Jan.

Btw: Thanks for putting me on your blogroll - your on mine too of course!

Kirsty Wilson said...

I just love the waratah, it is one of the most stunning and exotic looking flowers. I was given one a couple of years as a gift but sadly, it didn't last any time in our cooler climate here in Melbourne.

Mark H said...

@rennyBA: It's strange in Australia that we have come conditioned to news of cold snaps etc in world news when we are getting hotter. No-one seems to question Christmas images of snowmen, sleighs, reindeer and frosts while we bake in 35+ degree temperatures.

@kirsty: I also love its exotic look and am always happy when I get to see one in the wild (the Blue Mts have the occasional bush).

Footsteps said...

That IS a spectacular looking bloom. ~Makes me wish that my state of Ohio had a more dramatic symbol than a simple carnation!

Donna Hull said...

This reminds me of a ginger flower. Australia has the most unusual flora and fauna.

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