Thursday, January 7, 2010

Experience a Wild Night at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (Australia)

guest post by Gagandeep Singh

Day tours are fun, but taking a tour in the night will reveal a whole new side of Australia that the day tours miss. This is because 75% of Australian wildlife is nocturnal, so if you see them at all it will be in a specially lit house and they will be asleep. How exciting it is to see these lovely little creatures in their natural habitat. You can get to see them they go about their natural business of finding dinner and otherwise living life as normally as possible.

To do this you need a guide who knows the likeliest places to find them. He will have a strong torch to spotlight the creatures as they scurry about in the bush, foraging and playing. You’ll be amazed at the variety there is. You will also be able to view closely one of Australia’s nocturnal birds in its natural bushland setting. And watch the tiny sugar-gliders as they leap through the dark night and glide from tree to tree. Luckily, being in the spotlight of a torch does not affect them in any way.

The kangaroos at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary are tame enough to pet and feed; don’t be afraid but get up close to these gentle creatures. Also get close – but not too close – to that ugly but amazing little creature, the Tasmanian Devil. To keep your fingers safely attached to your hands, qualified personnel are the only ones allowed to feed them. Wombats are largely nocturnal too, although some do trundle about during the day. Usually they can only be glimpsed on the side of the road as you flash past in a car, but here at Currumbin you are sure to see them up close.

Another entertaining part of this tour is the section where you can watch an Aboriginal Tribal Corroboree– telling a story through dance and song – acted out in the starlight, and some expert didgeridoo playing. One of the biggest saltwater crocs on display lives at this sanctuary, so you will also be able to pay him a visit – not too close though – and see other freshwater crocodiles.

You can even cuddle a koala here if you haven’t done it anywhere else, but the cost is not included in the tour, so you’ll need to fund that yourself. But don’t miss it in case you don’t go to another place where this experience is offered. Cuddling a koala is one of the favourite pastimes of tourist and local visitor alike.

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transfer smart said...

Wow Crrumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is aplace where you can enjoy exciting, interactive displays, presentations and dining experiences. Nestled within 27 hectares of lush eucalypt and rainforest, each day brings visitors face to face with extraordinary wildlife in shows and encounters. The timeshare relief vacationers includes the place in our 2010 hot pick.

Donna Hull said...

I never considered a night wildlife watching tour. Makes perfect sense. I'll put this on my list for the next visit to Australia.

Footsteps said...

Great tour option! The nocturnal creatures are fascinating -but more so when they are alert and active at night!

Suzanne Perazzini said...

This sounds fascinating. You are so right that much of nightlife comes alive at dusk and onwards. I did take a night tour in Kruger Park in South Africa but I have to admit it was so cold that we were huddled down so far into our clothes that we didn't see much but a few eyes looking at us.
I love your post on Slovenia too. We got there a few years back but never saw Bled. The Julian Mountains were amazing though and I loved Lubjiana.

heather on her travels said...

it makes me think of our local zoo here in Bristol that has a special indoor display of smaller mammels that are nocturnal - you go into the gloom and gradually you're eyes get used to seeing all these creatures you'd normally miss. there must be a lot going on in the animal world after we've gone to bed.

Vacation Deals said...

it's really to see a part of God's creation, "the wildlife". a great adventure to see this place.. thanks for your suggestion..looking forward to be there..nice post.

Anil said...

I can't imagine a trip to Australia without fully exploring the wildlife there.

This tour looks very interesting and I'd like to put it on an eventual trip to Australia.

Mark H said...

@transfer smart: It is worthy of a hot pick.

@donna: The night tours do make sense.

@footsteps: They are muchj more intersting when active.

@suzanne: The cold won't be an issue on the Gold Coast!

Mark H said...

@heather: That is a good initiative of Bristol Zoo. I think the Sydney Taronga Zoo does that too with some of the littler animals.

@vacation deals: Thank you

@anil: You have to see the Australian fauna if you come. They really are quite different and unusual.

David said...

I like to watch wildlife very much.I love both zoo and aquarium.Unfortunately there is no zoo near my place.I went to a zoo 1 year ago.Soon I'm planning to visit a nearby zoo.

BarbaraW said...

I would LOVE to cuddle a Koala! I never knew there were night wildlife tours available in Oz. Thanks so much for writing abut this.

Facts about Australia said...

Nice Post! Currumbin Sanctuary in Australia and you will realize few significant aspects of sanctuaries that are missed during the day tours. One of the reasons why nigh tours are quite fruitful in Australia is three fourths of the animal population are awake during nighttime and asleep in daytime.

Haleakala National Park said...

Visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and see Australia's nocturnal wildlife. When the sun goes down, the bush comes to life. Wildnight Adventure is a unique chance to see these amazing Australian animals up close on a specially guided tour conducted by Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary's wildlife experts. There's also a chance to journey into the Dreamtime with a traditional Aboriginal corroboree.

Animals In Australia said...

Great post. It is very interesting to read. Currumbin Sanctuary is one place there you can enjoy exciting, interactive displays, presentations and dining experiences. Currumbin wildlife Sanctuary is one of the popular wildlife adventure in Australia.

Kath said...

Am planning on going to Currumbin in January. Am trying to work out whether to go during the day or to go on the night tour.... or both?
Would both in one day be a bit too much, too tiring and too repetitive? Any thoughts?

Mark H said...

@david: If you travel, plenty of cities have worthwhile zoos if you are keen.

@barbara: I think cuddling a koala is one of the dreams of many travellers coming to Australia.

@facts about Australia: Absolutely correct. Wildlife does tend to be more active in the cool of the evenings (and under the relative safety of darkness).

Mark H said...

@haleakala: Many think night time is better but I see it as simply different. Both offer a god opportunity to see wildlife. People don't see as well at night either!!

@animals in Australia: Currumbin does a great job of displaying and educating people about Australia's fauna.

@kath: I think that is too much for a single day. Pick one of the two times and enjoy a great day or evening at Currumbin.

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