Thursday, February 25, 2010

Photo Of the Week: Punctual Masai Warrior (Kenya)

The rich red clothing and colourful jewellery of the Masai tribesmen is wonderful in contrast to the dry grasslands. However the shiny metallic wrist-watch seems totally out of place.

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Cecil Lee said...

Haha.. tribesmen wearing Rolex? Must be getting it by exchanging pose for photo shooting!! :)

Trotter said...

Hi Mark! Sorry for another long absence, but after a busy start of the year I decided to make a break during the Carnival week, anticipating new hard weeks ahead!!

And what about the sneakers? The Masai at the village I visited had sneakers on... ;))

Meanwhile, Blogtrotter 2 (there is a new one...) is in Haiti waiting your comments. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!!

Ant said...

Just curious — did you have to pay for this photo? I heard recently that the Masai are known for demanding fees for photos.

Mark H said...

@cecil: I am sure the watch came because someone paid for a photo.

@ant: I didn't pay for the photo but I know a lot of people do. Many of the African tribal areas demand photography money.

Shannon said...

Gotta love the arm bling on the warrior! Great photo.

Mark H said...

@shannon: The bling seems so incongruous but is worn with such pride.

Anonymous said...

Bling in all cultures is valued. When I met some Masai I was asked back home for dinner. It took awhile to realise that the traditional exchange would be a gift and he really wanted my clothes. A different bent on an old theme.

Anonymous said...

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Mark H said...

@anonymous: An invitation to lunch with the Masai sounds a very special experience.

@anonymous: I hope that you'll enjoy the blog.

Mike said...

That is a very amusing image. I wonder if it is a genuine Rolex :P

Mark H said...

@mike: I was also a bit interested in how good the watch is. Tricky to tell but there seemed to be plenty of people bartering goods for photos/access to Masai villages etc (bit unseemly really).

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