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The Jewel In The Crown Of Cyprian Luxury

guest post by Elegant Resorts

The jewel in the crown of luxury hotels is the aptly named Anassa Hotel in Cyprus. Anassa means 'Queen' in ancient Greek, and certainly the Anassa Hotel is fit for any royalty. Perhaps more than this, because it overlooks the Baths of Aphrodite and is just a short trip from Paphos Harbour, the mythical birthplace of the Goddess of Love herself.

What do you look for when choosing between luxury hotels? Classic architecture? Seclusion? Fabulous, natural countryside? One of the finest beaches in the world? Luxurious and spacious suites with panoramic views of the ocean, private plunge pools and terraces? Gourmet restaurants so outstanding even the menus are enough to make the mouth water? If so, then the Anassa Hotel is likely to exceed your expectations.

The Anassa Hotel was always bound to be a cut above the rest, with one of the most idyllic and picturesque locations in Cyprus. Situated in the area of Latsi, the region is completely unspoiled, and provides stunning views in all directions. The white, sandy shore is just a stone's throw from your private balcony or terrace, quite literally.

Each dawn you are provided with utter seclusion and unrivalled luxury from the moment you open the curtains and watch the sun rise, hear the Mediterranean gulls call lazily to each other, and listen to the gentle sound of the waves rolling in for another day's splashing about doing whatever it is waves do once they reach the shore.

The fact that the Anassa Hotel is one of the elite luxury hotels in Cyprus which boasts five stars simply doesn't do it justice. Sadly they'd have had to invent an extra star to include everything that's been provided in order to make any stay more than just a holiday experience. From the two waterfalls cascading into the depths of two separate swimming pools to the seemingly endless sandy shores just yards from your private villa, and from the award winning Spa to the four outstanding gourmet restaurants, the Anassa Hotel certainly lives up to its regal name.

The Anassa Hotel is open all year round, and whatever the season there are facilities to cater to your every wish. With both an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, a range of award winning spa treatments and therapies, a contemporary gym, and a wide range of sports activities including tennis and scuba diving, time spent here will be time well spent, whatever the time or season.

Whichever of the spacious 177 rooms and suites you choose you'll benefit from panoramic sea views and outstanding comfort. Tear yourself away from the view for a while and take a stroll down the coast towards the Akamas peninsula, or explore the grounds where wild herbs and flowers create the most astonishing scents in the evening.

When you're ready to eat after all that walking and admiring the views, not to mention the invigorating sea air, one of the most difficult decisions will be which restaurant to dine in each day. The Amphora is the main buffet restaurant, Pelagos provides an al fresco dining experience by the pool, Helios provides a mouth-watering a la carte menu and for gourmet enthusiasts the Basiliko offers a dining experience fit for royalty.

Certainly the Anassa Hotel is one of the most regal luxury hotels in Cyprus, and a stay here will make you feel like royalty every day.

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Donna Hull said...

Thanks for the introduction to a lovely property in Cypress. I'll be adding it to my "want to go there" list.

Vera Marie Badertscher said...

Sounds almost too good to be true. I just hope that it is not like those resorts in Crete where people seclude themselves instead of meeting the people and seeing the countryside. (Not that YOU would ever do that!)

Heather on her travels said...

It seems a long way from the little greek pension of yesteryear or the package holiday set up of today - where's the full English Breakfast that we know & love from our Greek holidays?

Facts About Africa said...

I just hope that it is not like those resorts in Crete where people seclude themselves instead of meeting the people and seeing the countryside.

virginia bed and breakfast said...

The Anassa Hotel is the name of luxury, comfort and peace of mind where you can find a lot of relaxation and attraction of appealing beach and eye catching surroundings along with delicious food and excellent hospitality.

It can be truly called the jewel in the crown because of its incredible architecture and design.

Footsteps said...

Elegant. I could settle into some swimming and snorkeling there.

Mark H said...

@Donna: Cyprus sounds very special in general.

@Vera: I think people can be as open or secluded as they like. I for one, would never want to be stuck in a place without exploring.

@heather: This is certainly well removed from a little Spanish pension

@facts about africa: People can (and should) always get out and enjoy and discover the area they are visiting.

Mark H said...

@virginia B&B: Thank you

@footsteps: Very elegant indeed.

Anil said...

Wonderful location, I'll be sure to check out this town when I'm in Cyprus later this year.

Things to do said...

Elegant. I could settle into some swimming and snorkeling there.

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