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Glamping Across Canada: Adding Glamour to Wilderness Camping

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Forget resting in a sleeping bag on a cold and hard ground while you are camping outdoors. Imagine staying in the heart of wilderness and relaxing on a comfy bed in a luxurious tent complete with crisp linens, carpets and polished wood floors. If relaxing in a king-size bed with access to spotless toilets and sparkling showers is not enough, you can pamper yourself at fancy spas and taste fine cuisine in the midst of serene surroundings.

Sounds like a dream? Not really. “Glamping” makes your dream a reality by combining nature's beauty with the comforts of luxury aesthetically. The term itself was coined from the delightful blending of “glamour” with “camping”. In this manner, glamping truly offers the best of both worlds.

If you are wondering where to head for the perfect glamping experience, mentioned below is a list of the top five glamping destinations in Canada.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort (Vancouver Island, British Columbia)

Fly to Vancouver and head to the wild west coast of Vancouver Island to step in the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. Nestled in the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, this resort is the jewel in the crown of luxurious glamping.

Embraced by a temperate rainforest, you can relax in the ambiance of a safari tent furnished with antiques, oriental carpets and polished wooden flooring. Stepping outside the comfort of your room, you can do hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, and fly-fishing. When you feel like pampering yourself, have a massage and relish the cuisine at the open-kitchen bar.

Rockwater Secret Cove Resort (Sunshine Coast, British Columbia)

Situated on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Rockwater Secret Cove Resort is a quaint bunch of treetop tents and ocean-side cabins. Walk along the treetop boardwalk and head to your private Tenthouse Suite, which is blissfully snuggled between the surrounding dense rainforest and offers fantastic view of the vast Pacific Ocean. Alternatively, you can also choose to stay by the ocean in the Ocean Edge Cabins or even in the poolside rooms.

Relax in the remote-controlled, hydrotherapy Euro-soaker tubs and bask in the bedroom fireplace as you step on the heated slate floors. If you are in the mood for some activities, you can do horseback riding or kayaking. Moreover, the food is local and organic.

Yukon’s Uncommon Journeys (Yukon Territory)

Dogsled to a remote wilderness yurt camp in the Yukon Territory that elevates the thrill of winter camping with a touch of pleasant comforts. The deluxe yurts have pinewood floors, skylights and large windows. The outhouse has insulated seats and offers a stunning view of the aurora borealis (top photo). You can also enjoy sauna and hot shower facilities in a tent or warm yourself by the campfire while savouring juicy steaks.

Quebec’s Hôtel de Glace / Quebec's Ice Hotel (Quebec)

If you plan to visit Quebec City during winter, it will be worthwhile to check out Quebec's Hôtel de Glace (Ice Hotel). Each winter, Hôtel de Glace is open to guests from early January till the end of March. Camp with your friends or family in this unique ice retreat. The exquisite suites are crafted from scratch each year from fresh blocks of ice and snow. The entire hotel is made of ice, including the cafe, bar, chapel, tubs, fireplaces, furniture and even beds! However, since we are glamping, the icy bed is covered with thick layers of deer fur, foam mattress and a sleeping bag. The bathroom is the only spot that is not made of ice.

Misabi Adventure Company (Lake Obabika, Ontario)

The Misabi Adventure Company is located on the shore of Lake Obabika in the wilderness of Ontario’s Temagami region. Glamping enthusiasts are certain to experience nature's best with a touch of flair in this eco-friendly camp. Raised on Crown land in Temagami, Misabi Adventure Company is a tranquil retreat that also offers activities like canoeing, angling, and forest trails. In this manner, it presents something for everyone – whether you are looking to let loose in physical challenges or just relax with complete peace of mind.


Change your perception of camping in the wilderness. Discard the leaky tent, uncomfortable sleeping bags, packaged food, heavy backpacks, Coleman stove and instant noodles! There is no need to sleep among creepy crawlers anymore. Instead, sip on some Soju and hang out in an elegant tent complete with wooden flooring and furnishings. Go glamping!

Photo Credits: Aurora, Clayoquat, Rockwater, Dog Sled, Ice Hotel, Obabika sunset


villa costa brava said...

I love camping so much specially the glimpse camping,Post provide a good info about the places where glimpse camping is done.hopefully i travel to all these places in my future. Thanks for this post.

Heather Dugan (Footsteps) said...

Haven't camped in many years, but glamping might work rather well for me! Fun post!

Donna Hull said...

I'm a travel princess so glamping would be the way I want to experience camping. The Yukon suggestion looks especially interesting.

Sherry Ott said...

Not sure that glamping is for me...but the yurt experience does sound fun!! Plus - the thought of a chapel made of ice really made me laugh from a religious 'hellfire' perspective!

Mark H said...

@villa costa brava: This is camping with comfort...far more attractive...

@heather: Sounds more suited to me too.

@donna: A couple especially appeal to me too.

@sherry: You might get a chance at a yurt in your upcoming rally.

Heather on her travels said...

Hmm - Glamping is a big buzz word in the UK but I've always been a bit suspicious - if you're not careful you end up paying hotel prices when you could just stay in comfort in a hotel - for me, better to keep it simple and low cost and enjoy a more natural experience.

Mark H said...

@heather: Glamping hasn't really struck in Australia but I agree with your suspicions.

Villa Holidays With Flights said...

Thanks for the information.. This place is so great for traveling.. I am glad I visited here and come to know about it..

Mark H said...

@villa holidays: Canada is a great country for exploring - so much to see and do.

John the Traveller said...

glamping is the thing for me!...i hope i can visit these places soon.

Mark H said...

@john: Glamping seems a good combo of comfort and camping.

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