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Marbella after Dark (Spain)

guest post by Roberta Summer of MyDestinationInfo.com, your local travel guide to worldwide destinations.

Spain’s Costa del Sol is known for its sunshine, sandy beaches and carefree fly and flop getaways. Both Spaniards and foreigners alike flock here for sun kissed breaks where days can be spent chilling out by the sea or unwinding by one of the many hotel pools dotted around the area.

There is of course another reason that has helped to cement the Costa del Sol’s popularity - its buzzing nightlife. With the balmy Mediterranean temperatures extending from the daytime well into the evening, the regions bars, restaurants pubs and clubs have thrived. None more so than in the chic, coastal resort of Marbella

Marbella’s reputation as a playground for those who like to see and be seen is riding high. Rich celebrities and trendy young things who enjoy flashing the cash come here to unwind and party. However, if you don’t have the bank balance to rival Simon Cowell it is possible to come and get a slice of the action without incurring credit card melt-down.

The clubs of Marbella include some of the best in the world with international DJ’s, opulent venues and celeb sightings. If you do have money to spend there are plenty of venues to crack open the wallet. However, if you want a good night out without the price tag Dreamers in Puerto Banus is hard to beat. Get there before 11pm and entry’s free - although you will have to wait a bit for the party to really get started as clubs in Spain don’t tend to get going until 1am. But with a bar and sofas located on the top floor (with a dance floor on the level below) you can get some drinks in while you wait. DJ’s who have spun the discs here include Roger Sanchez, Bob Sinclair and Laurent Wolf - reason enough to get there early to reserve your spot on the dance floor…

Sonora Beach in Estepona is another budget-friendly option with a more laid-back vibe and beach front, bohemian ambience. Cocktails, food and music are first-class and if you like open-air venues you should definitely check it out.

If you’re not into clubbing but still want somewhere to hang out with a drink in hand, beach bars are good options - and offer up the opportunity to chill out with a drink during the day. Along this stretch of Spain’s coast lies a range of sea front watering holes with Mistral Beach Club right near the chic resort of Puerto Banus a popular choice. As well as offering up drinks and sunbeds the bar has also teamed up with Hollywood Water sports, so you can get involved with a banana ride or two if relaxing with a cool drink becomes too much…

Finally, if you want to get a more traditional flavour to your evening how about heading to a tapas bar? Here you can order a tipple and share a range of mouth-watering dishes like chorizo, patatas bravas, olives, jamón ibérico and calamares. Spaniards make a night of it by ordering a couple of tapas with their drink then moving onto the next venue - a fun way to see the resort, enjoy a drink, interact with the locals and of course try some of the local cuisine. Taking the traditional ‘pub-crawl’ to a whole new level…

Note: Read more on Marbella here.

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Vera Marie Badertscher said...

Mark: When I was on the Costa del Sol, I tended to avoid the coastal areas like Marbella because everything was so BRITISH that I didn't feel like I was even in Spain. I fled inland whenever I could, and truly believe the white villages are much more deserving of travel wonders of the world than the highly hyped coast with its high rise condos and disco joints.

Sherry Ott said...

Oh - i must, must, must get to Spain before I get to old to go clubbing any longer! It sounds like an amazing place...yet I certainly don't have the cash to throw around - so I may be better off at the beach bars!

Mark H said...

@vera: Parts of coastal Spain are more British than the UK. Slightly off topic, I recall going to Gibraltar and people were so determined to show their Britishness it was almost over-the-top.

@sherry: I'm sure you'd love life wherever you are.

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