Thursday, August 18, 2011

Photo of the Week: Cruise Ship Peak Hour (Juneau, Alaska)

Inaccessible by road, Juneau is nestled along the beautiful Gastineau Channel underneath towering mountains. Inundated with cruise ships in the summer months, large vessels carefully jockey for position in the narrow channel as viewed from the magnificent vantage point on Mt Roberts. Juneau has some superb natural sights and wildlife including Mendenhall Glacier that carves its way through the mountains only a few miles outside Alaska's capital.


Anonymous said...

All your articles are great! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to writing something similar about my trip.
Trip to the land of high passes

Henry Williams said...

thats is a nice photo great shot

Barbara Weibel said...

But it's a nice kind of traffic jam to have :-)

Mark H said...

@authorator: Good luck with your trip to the High Passes

@henry: Thanks

@barbara: Much better than a car traffic jam - I assume these never happen in Juneau with no outisde traffic entering the city.

Vanny said...

Beautiful shot... This is the first time I've seen Juneau from this vantage point.

Mark H said...

@vanny: Thank you. It does show how Juneau is built hugging the channel and mountains.

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