Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Photo of the Week: Clown Triggerfish - Clever Camouflage or Outlandish Outfit?

Despite it exotic appearance, the clown triggerfish is actually remarkably camouflaged. Photographed in an aquarium, this tropical fish is found in the reefs of coastal warm waters between east Africa, through Asia and the Pacific islands. Scientists consider the clown triggerfish to be a master of disguise. Despite its bold colouring, the clown triggerfish has a mottled yellow and black back to blend with the coral reef sea-floor, its eyes fade into a black stripe and its large uneven white spots blend with the reef as its swims among the corals and the surface of the water when viewed from underneath.

Their teeth grow for life so a diet of hard-shelled sea creatures is essential to keep their teeth ground down. Water is squirted at the seabed to unmask shelled clams, molluscs and snails hiding under the sandy bottom. The clown triggerfish's eyes move independently allowing them to patrol for food and predators without the need to travel in groups. And finally, to continue in their celebration of vivid colour, these fine fish lay green eggs.

Sadly the clown triggerfish are endangered but are a joy to see with its wild circus outfit and vibrant approach to life.


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