Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Photo of the Week - Osprey Family

Driving around in the Rockies, we spotted a number of cars stopped on an innocuous river bridge. Curiously, we turned off to see what was happening to find a family of ospreys nesting and regularly feeding from the river below. Mum swooped majestically to pluck a fish from the chilly waters below. The youngsters weren't yet fully fledged but were starting to flap their wings. Their sharp eyes swept left and right, patrolling the environment viewing the camera-wielding humans with suspicion. What a great place for a nest.

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Footsteps said...

Nice! That had to be a thrill!

eunice said...

You spotted an osprey family? That's cool!!! I don't even know if I ever saw an osprey in the bird park!

Debo Hobo said...

It can be so calming to just sit and watch nature in action.

Mark H said...

@footsteps: A great thrill - pure luck really.

@eunice: I doubt I've ever seen one before this either.

@debo hobo: It was amazingly relaxing and intriguing and right next to a beautiful river and on a perfect summer's day.

Admin said...

Excellent and marvelous. thanks for sharing the same.


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