Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Photo of the Week - Tombstone in Tombstone (Arizona, USA)

Tombstone lies in the south-west of the United States not far from the Mexican border. With only a population of 1500 people, it still dines out on its most famous incident with the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Indeed, you can be photographed with the main characters from this gunfight (for a fee of course!). Though far more sedate, its main street still has many reminders of those times with its dusty streets and sprawling saloons.

Nearby is a rugged but moving cemetery with hand-painted grave markers with some great remarks including those photographed above. Life was less certain in those times as is described by the pithy poem about poor George Johnson who was wrongly hanged.

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GMG said...

Amazing tombstones! Those weren't safe times... ours are not so safe also, but in a different way...
Just saw the pictures of Machu Picchu my sister-i-l took two weeks ago. Must confess that your Inca Trail is far more impressive... Great job!

Mark H said...

@gmg: Our times aren't as safe as they should be. Thank you for your kind remarks re the Inca Trail - an extraordinary experience and place.

Lifecruiser said...

Ah, yes, such an amazing place. It's on my wish list to go, but it's so loooong so I might not be able to get there before I'm 95.... *giggles*

Debo Hobo said...

It's funny I used to live in the town close by-Sierra Vista and would go to Tombstone for a Saturday romp. It was really quite fun to see the residents in costume and such. The worlds largest rose bush was cool as well.

Mark H said...

@lifecruiser: I'm not sure I'll get through my list either!

@debo hobo: I never saw the rose bush. A Tombstone regular, that must be a little strange. The place had an unusual feel to me!

Admin said...

Very very good. It is one of the place I really interested to visit after seeing the movie Arizonian werewolf... thanks for the marvelous photos.

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