Thursday, July 16, 2009

Discovering Luxury Resorts in the Caribbean (Barbados)

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Barbados is a spectacular island paradise, offering some of the finest luxury resorts in the Caribbean. White sand beaches, beautiful waters shaded in vivid hues from turquoise to azure, Barbados is tropical at its finest. There are luxury resorts to suit every taste, from families on holiday to honeymooners looking for that special place to share their most romantic moments. All these resorts are located right on the doorstep of some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

When planning which luxury resort to stay at in Barbados,
you must first determine which coast is best suited to provide the optimum pleasure for your planned activities. For instance, the brisk winds coming off the sea toward the east coast makes this spot a favorite with surfers, sun bathers, and those who love to boogie board. Conversely, the west coast, considered the “platinum” coast, offers quiet beauty and pristine white-sand beaches. The southeast coast is perhaps the busiest part of the island, offering some of the best resorts in Barbados, and lots and lots to do.

Luxury resorts in Barbados come in all shapes and sizes, from small boutique resorts offering just the basics to those offering all-inclusive stays. Most luxury resorts welcome families with children and offer all kinds of outdoor activities. Some offer fully-supervised child activity services, allowing the kids to have as much fun as their parents. And meals at all-inclusive resorts are included in the price.

Adults on a romantic getaway, those getting married in Barbados, or newlyweds may find that the luxury resorts located on the west coast beaches of Barbados offer a bit more intimacy and quiet natural beauty than the other spots. There you can stay in luxurious poolside rooms and share an intimate meal while enjoying incredible ocean views.

You’ll experience gourmet dining at its best at any one of the luxury resorts in Barbados, whether you’re having lunch overlooking St. Lawrence Bay, or enjoying a meal on the beach prepared exclusively for you by the hotel chef, nothing about your stay in Barbados will be ordinary. Luxury and elegance abound in Barbados.


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