Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Exotic Wonders of Turkey

Guest Post by Ker & Downey

Turkey is the crossroads of the Mediterranean. Noted for it’s mix of European and Middle Eastern cultures, Turkey has served as the battlegrounds between eastern and western values for centuries. Fortunately for modern travelers, the countries identification with both the East and West allows the country to offer an amazingly unique and special experience.

Istanbul, formerly known as Byzantium and Cappadocia, is the capital and cultural center of the country. Serving as the capital of the Roman Empire, East Roman Empire, Latin Empire, and the Ottoman Empire , the country is framed in the backdrop of history and has a unique cultural flair unmatched by any other world Mega-City. Of the utmost importance to any traveler is the city’s notable architecture. Ancient Greek, Roman, Turkish and Arabic buildings dot the city, contrasting sharply with the high-rises and luxury apartments that rise in the forefront.

Contrasting sharply with Istanbul, Cappadocia is a land lost in time. Formerly the home of the Hittite rulers- who controlled much of the known world in the time of the pharaohs- Cappadocia is now known for it’s moon-like landscape and ‘fairy chimneys.’ The area is of great interest to travelers because of the unique churches and prayers of worship carved directly into the mountains and rocks which jut from the landscape.

For those looking for a beach vacation, the Turkish coastline is one of the most beautiful in the world. Hotels and luxury resorts pepper the beaches along the Aegean coast and add a gilded touch to the natural Mediterranean beauty of the area. For those seeking a bespoke adventure definitively off the beaten path, Ankara is an old historic town which sees few tourists because of its relatively remote location. The city enjoys an excellent cultural life too, having a lot of museums and cultural events.

If you're looking for an exotic and luxurious vacation to the far reaches of the world, Turkey may be just what you're looking for.

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Photo: Cappadocia


Tekin said...

Also Turkey isn't in the Euro currency club so it's not too pricey at the moment.

0s0-Pa said...

Turkey looks like a wonderful place to travel to someday (hopefully soon!)
-Jack @ Family Vacations

Heather Dugan ("Footsteps") said...

Cappadocia has such an interesting landscape! The whole region would make for an interesting vacation experience.

Mark H said...

@tekin: The Euro is strong at present so that is a good thing.

@heather: I'd also love to go (this is a guest post). It looks a bit like a wild moonscape.

Jamie said...

I plan to visit there sometime within the next year. Of course I'm starting my world trip in Mexico, so it might be some time before I reach Turkey.

Still, looking forward to the coast.

Jet Set Life said...

Hi! Travelling to Turkey sounds exotic, luxurious and just uniquely wonderful. I'm pretty sure my readers will enjoy this as much as I did. Thanks for the post!

Mark H said...

@jamie: It is a fair way from Mexico but I'm sure you'll manage to get there.

@jetsetlife: I hope that they do.

istanbul tours said...

We were collected next morning to drive to cappadocia for our tour. This again was wonderful though our guide talked too much at times, giving us too much information and not enough time to wander on our own. We had a bit of fun when a Greek guest disagreed with the guide on some points. I don't think the guide appreciated my friend and I not paying attention!! I will say that Cappadocia is not somewhere i'd like to spend much time. Very shabby with a pack of mangy dogs running around. I found that quite upsetting. The hotel, cave hotel, was again adequate with lovely helpful staff. Very clean but an extra blanket or sheet would have been nice as well as a bedside light. At least the fridge was big enough for our Gin and Tonic !! The undergrand city trip was also interesting (apart from the guide talking too much), though we were not impressed with the "Cappadocia"... Japanese tourists seemed to like it. But we felt the Turkish tourist board should spend a bit more on something more appropriate. Our memories of the trip will be the excellent organisation and lovely, friendly, helpful staff. Thank you all so much. Love Istanbul......"

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