Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drinks Around the World: Bloody Caesar (Canada)

Each month a group of travel bloggers (including Lifecruiser and Travel Expert(a)) conduct a virtual cocktail party where writers highlight a notable drink from their travels or experiences. With a recent visit to scenic Lake Louise deep in the Rockies, this month's drinks takes us to chilly Canada.

The Bloody Caesar is a Canadian adaption to the internationally renown Bloody Mary. It is made by adding a measure of vodka to a salt-rimmed glass. Add a few drops of worcestershire sauce and tabasco, a little lime juice and a shake of pepper. Top with Clamato, a tinned mixture of tomato juice and clam broth that I have only seen for sale in North America.

Bloody Caesars are tasty, slightly spicy, refreshing drinks that I' ve only ever seen served in Canada. I've only tasted a few and they were a real favourite.

So a hearty cheers for this seafood flavoured cocktail at this month's party.

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Sherry Ott said...

Yum! In Minnesota (which if close to Canada) we used to make them served with a pickle, olives, and a shot of beer as a chaser. It was like a complete dinner in a glass!

rainfield61 said...

My interesting finding, but won't be able to join the party. Sigh....

Nice to meet you!

marina villatoro said...

It actually sounds amazing and tasty!!!!!

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

I'm drooling over here, that look absolutely yum-yum!!!! I'll take two... *giggles*


Gin and Grape Tonic - Swedish Summer Classic Drink

BarbaraW said...

Hmmm....if I drank, I'd try it.

Anil said...

I kept reading Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary and just now got it out of my head. I'll have to try one the next time I'm in Canada, maybe I'll like them better than Bloody Marys.

Mark H said...

@sherry: Very exotic!

@rainfield61: Welcome!

@marina: Damn good but impossible in Australia (no clamato)

@lifecruiser: You'll have to sail over to Canada and check it out.

@anil: Better than Bloody Mary's (imho)

Serban said...

Here is a complete list of the variations on Bloody Mary. I tried a Bloody Murder myself, with gin instead of vodka

Mark H said...

@serban: I've never tried the gin variation. That would change the flavour somewhat.

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