Friday, October 2, 2009

Book Review: Overcoming the 7 Major Obstacles to Traveling the World (Anil Polat)

Anil Polat of Foxnomad has recently published an e-book titled Overcoming the 7 Major Obstacles to Traveling the World, inspiring people to not let obstacles and excuses prevent them from travelling the world. It is a book aimed at people keen to travel but finding reasons to not go. Aimed both as a one-time read and as a regular ready-reference with a collection of tips and ideas towards reaching a goal of travelling to your dream destination, this book should help inspire fighting your demons that may be holding you back from travel.

Polat takes seven of the major issues and covers thoughtful ways to overcome each of them. On the topic of expense, Polat looks at ways to make practical everyday savings towards travel from tracking a budget and curbing your spending to savings with your computing needs and selling excess stuff from around your house. Similarly, the author looks using your job skills rather than treating it as a shackle to your current location.

There is considerable focus on the issue and discomfort of leaving family and close friends behind with this electronic age making staying in touch much easier and more practical.

Produced as an e-book and priced at US$14.95, Overcoming the 7 Major Obstacles to Traveling the World is available for immediate download. For the month of October, the author is donating the funds from the e-book to micro-lending organisation, Kiva.

If you have an enthusiasm to travel the world, here is a chance to free yourself from those negative gremlins with some down-to-earth advice in an easy to read format.


Anil said...

Mark, I appreciate the review. I hope it inspires people who are dreaming of traveling to take the steps to do so!

Nisha said...

Read the review, seems to be an inspirational one.

Hope to see you writing many more. What's next, Anil?

Izy Berry said...

Awesome review, really helpful and honest. Thank you! I am in the midst of taking the plunge myself, and it's daunting but exciting, too!

Mark H said...

@izy: Well done for taking the plunge. Enjoy your travels.

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