Monday, October 19, 2009

Winner - Night in a Luxury Hotel Competition

The judges at Priority Club have selected a winner of the free night in a luxury hotel competition. As a reminder, an entrant had to come up with a city they'd most like to visit and the reason for visiting it.

After deliberations, they have decided that the winning entry is "What is it they say about never seeing the things closest to home? Strange as it may seem, although I am a travel writer who lives in Florida, I have never visited Miami. Maybe this is my opportunity - luscious sand, aquamarine water, art deco buildings and neon lights, here I come (I hope)! My choice would be the Holiday Inn Miami Beach Oceanfront, right on the beach."

The winner is Barbara at Hole in the Donut Travels. Congratulations Barbara, I will be in touch to ensure that you collect your prize.

Thank you to all the entrants for their high quality ideas for a dream night away and to Priority Club.


Anil said...

Congratulations Barbara!

Nisha said...

Congratulations to the winner.

I so much agree with her reason.

BarbaraW said...

Oh my gosh! I think this is the first time I ever won something! I am so excited that I will finally get to see Miami. Thank you Mark at Travel Wonders (one of my favorite all time blogs) and Priority Club (one of my favorite hotel groups!)

Shannon said...

Oh Barbara I know you'll have such a wonderful time in Miami. Congratulations!

Mark H said...

@barbara: Enjoy Miami. I think the judges at Priority Club have made a good selection.

Erica said...

A bit late, but congrats Barbara! I hope you enjoy your stay!

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