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Luxury Holidays in the Maldives - Huvafen Fushi Hotel

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Formed in majority by 22 natural atolls and located in the Indian Ocean, this string of islands could well be one of the new seven wonders of the world. Independent from the United Kingdom since 1965, Maldives boasts of a population of just over 300,000 and one of the worlds best locations for luxury holidays and boasts some of the best beaches in the world.

The Huvafen Fushi Hotel located in the Maldives, is one of it's finest, and is just 24 km from the international airport. Geographically located 300 miles south west of India and Sri Lanka, Maldives is ideal for honeymoons or just to lose yourself in complete relaxation for a few days or weeks.

With temperatures ranging anywhere from seventy five to ninety one degrees year round, this is the ideal environment for any and all beach and water sport activities. For your private use, plunge pools are a staple with every room and beautiful views across the lagoon come as standard.

If fishing is your desire, you may join others on a fishing trip on a boat properly equipped, or rent a Dhoni (a boat that uses either sail or engine power), leave the hotel for a few days to experience the adventure and excitement of Maldives fishing. Clear crystal waters and 60 meter visibility make the Maldives ideal as a scuba diving destination. With over seven hundred species of fish and large quantities of underwater coral reef the Maldives ensures endless hours of fun for the passionate snorkeler.

Once you have arrived on the island your breath will be taken away by the beauty and serenity of this world class hotel. Visitors are welcomed by natives as a gesture of friendship and introduced to a relaxing atmosphere, second to none. Rooms are spacious and open, with direct access to the beach. All rooms are equipped with overhead fans, safe and telephone. A private bar, Espresso machine and 32” plasma television are also included in the amenities. If you prefer to spend your time in seclusion, a DVD player with Bose surround sound are provided for your pleasure.

Should you decide to make this a “family getaway”, children (although limited) are also catered to, with endless beaches and plenty of activities including dolphin and whale spotting. Spend the day on Male, visiting the day market, the National Museum, the Presidents Palace and the Republic Square. While you could lunch at the restaurant located in your hotel, while out and about, why not experience dining at its best at one of the many local cuisines. Besides scuba diving and snorkeling, should your preference be outdoor activities, Maldives aims to please, with golfing, waterskiing, jet-skiing, body surfing, boarding and parasailing.

If you just want to lay back and enjoy the beauty of the islands, you can take a sunset cruise around the uninhabited islands, on a Dhoni while snacks and drinks are being served to you. If you are not quite relaxed enough, how about the spa for a massage and some pampering. The time is now, the place is The Huvafen Fushi Hotel at the Maldives and the goal is Paradise.

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Sherry Ott said...

Who needs a 32 in TV when you have that beach to look at?! Lovely!

Kirsty Wilson said...

Now, could I go for a bit of that at the moment! It looks so completely relaxing and so far removed from our rushed lives pre-Christmas - *sigh*. Thanks for the short escape to Paradise! ;-)

haider said...

Thanks for these. I am planning to visit Maldives and hope this would work well for me.

flipnomad said...

wow that's an awesome resort

btw, i subscribed to your rss

keep on traveling...

Anil said...

Best go see it soon, I've been reading the islands are in danger due to rising sea levels.

Mark H said...

@sherry: No TV necessary in beautiful places like this.

@kirsty: Looks like a great XMas escape.

@haider: Enjoy the Maldives.

@flipnomad: Enjoy my blog and thank you for visiting.

@anil: The raising levels are alarming but these low lying island countries appear are getting their message out.

timeshare relief said...

Maldives is a great destination. Travelers from timeshare relief are on the plan to have a great vacation in this lovely place.

BarbaraW said...

I am freezing my butt off in cold, icy Illinois and am warmer just looking at the photos of the Maldives. Beautiful!

Donna Hull said...

A holiday in the Maldives sounds wonderful about now. This is an exotic destination that I've always wanted to visit.

jacobsoliva said...

A completely awesome post.Reading this I'm getting great plans and very much eagerly excited to visit this place.
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Maldives luxury holiday said...


You are absolutely right! The highest point on a lot of the Maldives islands is only two feet above sea level. It won't take much more of an increase and we will have lost some of the worlds most spectacular destinations.

montreal florist said...

It's like paradise. So beautiful! I want to go there.

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