Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Three Travel Secrets of Sydney

Katie from, the folks that kindly made Travel Wonders a finalist in the 2009 Graphical Most Impressive Travel Blog Award, initiated a game of world-wide virtual tag where bloggers list their Three Best Travel Secrets and then tag other bloggers to grow this tree of travel secrets. Barbara Ann Weibel from the popular Hole In the Donut Travel Blog tagged me so it is my turn to unveil a few secrets from my wonderful home city of Sydney.

Balls Head and Berry Island Reserve

North of the harbour, a short walk around Balls Head and Berry Island (no longer an island) are preserved headlands that offer wonderful views of Sydney Harbour, the famous bridge and the city skyline. Along with the views are a couple of old aboriginal rock engravings (a little worn over time), a quiet park for picnics and some short walking tracks to explore. It is hard to believe that you are only four kilometres from the centre of Sydney.

Historic Houses

Only $30 (half that with a hostel or student pass) buys a three month ticket to 11 historic properties around Sydney. Places include an original convict barracks on the city's Hyde Park, the Museum of Sydney on the site of the first Government House or two stunning early 19th century colonial homes. At one of Australia’s oldest houses at Elizabeth Farm, visitors can sit in the chairs, lie on the beds, test the kitchen utensils and touch the various recreated furniture recreated to the time. Susannah Place Museum in the middle of the historic Rocks district in the centre of Sydney features four working class houses next to each other alongside a 1915 shop, selling products of the time.

Chinese Gardens

For a tranquil escape from the Sydney rush, spend an hour wandering the therapeutic gardens, gushing waterfalls, graceful arched bridges, elegant pavilions and peaceful lakes of the Chinese Gardens. Located in Darling Harbour not far from a number of hotels in Sydney and built as a bicentennial gift by the Chinese in 1988, giant weeping trees and richly coloured buildings leave wonderful reflections in the enchanting lakes. Littered with evocatively named features including the Water Pavilion of Lotus Fragrance and Lake of Brightness, finish in the teahouse with a tea or coffee and a slice of calorific cake.

So there are three favourite spots to visit in Sydney that probably don’t feature on everyone’s itinerary. My final task is to tag five more faithful travel bloggers to keep this tree of travel secrets prospering and growing.

So I tag:

Kirsty at Travel Tips Plus
Eunice at Traveler Folio
Cecil At Travel Feeder
Renny at RennyBA


Donna Hull said...

Sydney is such a great city. Thanks for sharing 3 of your favorite Sydney destinations, Mark. I'm keeping them in mind for my next visit.

Adam said...

Cool tips! I've been to the Chinese Gardens but haven't checked out the other two. One of my three travel secrets was from Sydney, too!

Julian Davis said...

I love the pictures of all the three travel secrets of Sydney.

I like the Chinese gardens pic most. Thanks for giving details regarding these wonderful places friend.

Sydney Harbour Events

Leon said...

Cool Stuff, Thanks!! There are some other destinations as well worth visiting: holiday to Corfu

Katie, Tripbase said...

The Chinese gardens look spectacular, thanks for sharing your Sydney secrets!

Akila said...

We were in Sydney recently and loved, loved, loved the city. I wish we had known about the first two - but we thoroughly enjoyed the Chinese gardens.

Heather on her travels said...

Some fun things there in Sydney - combines all the things I love; walking, gardens and old historic houses.

My secrets are over here

aTravelAroundTheWorld said...

Interesting tips, Sydney is an amazing city.
I recently been to the Chinese garden, it is a beautiful place; if you visit Sydney you should not miss it.

subalin said...

Really such a beautiful place to visit. you could prefer a Private Jet to land to the exact destination and that would be luxury one without wasting your time and money, prefer private jet for your next trip.

BarbaraW said...

Spent two weeks in Sydney a couple years back and barely scratched the surface. Great walking city - I'll put these on my list for next time.

Mark H said...

@Donna Hull: Hope you visit Sydney soon.

@adam: The other two are a little more hidden but it is a good excuse to return to this wonderful city.

@Julian: Tahnk you

@Katie: Cheers - this travel secret meme is a great initiative.

Sherry Ott said...

I wish I would've had this when I was there a couple of years ago! I love that these are places that aren't in all of the tourist books...thanks for taken us off the tourist path!

Anil said...

I don't know much about the Sydney area but will keep this post in mind when I make my way around to Australia.

Nisha said...

Except for the first, I have visited the other two. And must say, both should be in must visit list for everyone.

Mark H said...

@akila: A good reason to return

@heather: This three secrets initiative has really taken off

@aTravelAroundtheWorld: More commenters seem to have been to the Chinese Gardens than the other two. It is a wonderfully peaceful location.

@subalin: Happy advertising!!

@BarbaraW: Like many big cities, Sydney has lots of treasures to unmask. It is a superb walking city - a great compliment to any city.

Mark H said...

@sherry: A chance to return?

@anil: Are you planning a trip to Sydney?

@nisha: Not so many visit the historic houses. You did get out and explore well.

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