Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Marvellous Maldives Holidays

guest post by David Collins

The Maldives is a collection of islands off the coast of India, and is a popular holiday destination for those looking for a little piece of paradise.

The archipelago has something for everyone to enjoy during their stay on one of the many islands, each of which is like your own private resort.

Popular with honeymooners and those who are looking for the chance to chill whilst on holiday, the Maldives provides the opportunity to relax on the white sandy beaches or swim in the crystal clear blue lagoons of these island paradises.

The Maldives are an ideal location if you’re looking to relax whilst on holiday, with picturesque scenery and endless blue ocean in which to swim, surf, snorkel and scuba.

The crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean are teeming with sea life, and there is a multitude of coral reefs to discover. With a number of scuba diving schools around the island, there are plenty of opportunities to explore and photograph these underwater paradises.

The islands enjoy a tropical climate all year round, and the surrounding ocean is crystal clear and has some of the finest underwater scenes in the world, a haven for scuba enthusiasts the world over. Above water, the islands are also a popular location for surfers and windsurfing, attracted by the tropical climate and the

There is a rich variety of wildlife that live in the many reefs off the coast – and there are opportunities to dive at various times of the day – including night dives where you can catch a glimpse of the more elusive creatures of the deep.

Each island in the Maldives has it’s own resort and also it’s own coral reef, providing you with everything you need during your trip to the islands – from white sandy beaches to your own private lagoon, where you can take a swim in the tropical waters.

When considering accommodation on the islands, there are a number of beach resorts on many of the islands, giving you the chance to relax and be pampered. For something a little different, travelsupermarket.com advise that: “for something more private opt for a water bungalow where you can jump from your room straight into the ocean.

If you’d rather keep your head above water, there are a variety of boating tours available, including whale watching excursions that allow you to get close to majestic whales and pods of playful dolphins. Booking early is essential to avoid disappointment, so it can be worth planning ahead for your Maldives holidays.

So whether you’re looking to relax on a tropical beach or take the plunge and take a swim amongst the inhabitants of the many coral reefs, the Maldives is certainly a destination to consider if you’re looking for a taste of tropical island paradise.

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Gourmantic said...

I hear the diving and snorkelling in the Maldives are among the best in the world. I hope to make it there for my next beach holiday.

Donna Hull said...

I've always wanted to visit the Maldives. When I do, I'll opt for the over-water bungalow. Thanks for the Maldive introduction.

BarbaraW said...

- I have always wanted to go here. Thought I might make it on my RTW in 2007, but ran out of time. And now you have to go and rub it in!

Mark H said...

@gourmantic: The water is apparently amazingly clear.

@donna: It seems so remotely beautiful tucked away in the Indian Ocean

@barbaraW: I have a feeling you'll find your way there.

Heather on her travels said...

Oh yes, anywhere with turquoise sparkling sea and white sand definitely looks dreamy to me at this time of year. Not really into diving but would love to do some snorkeling there.

Mark H said...

@heather: I think snorkelling would be equally good though the diving is reputedly worldclass.

sachin said...

Maldives, considered the smallest county in Asia, is the lowest laying country on Earth. Located on the Equator, it never fails to see the Sun throughout the year, which makes maldives holidays the ultimate choice of many.thanks
maldives holidays

Nins said...

I've always wanted to visit the Maldives! However I just read a post on Julia Dimon's blog that the islands might be sinking?! That would be an unspeakable tragedy.

You can check out the article at http://bit.ly/9ecEFQ

Mark H said...

@sachin: Thank you

@nims: Yes, these low lying islands of the Indian and Pacific Oceans are under threat as our sea levels rise.

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