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Mediterranean Cruises Top Four Destinations

guest post by Gill Cruises

Every year, more and more travellers are discovering the convenience, flexibility and excitement of embarking on a cruise ship holiday. While there are cruises sailing around the world, those heading to the Mediterranean are among the most magical and beautiful. Few other cruise destinations offer the cultural wealth and historical beauty like Monte Carlo, Naples, Athens or Istanbul. And unlike a traditional holiday, where you will spend many days of your travel time in transit, on a cruise ship all the travelling is done at night while you catch up on your beauty rest. Each morning you will wake up to discover a new port of call.

Athens, Greece is one of the world’s oldest cities, with around 3,400 years of recorded history. On your stop in Athens, there are tours to view a stunning array of ancient monuments and works of art. The Parthenon on the hill of the Acropolis is not to be missed, but you could also visit the Propylea, the Temple of the Wingless Victory, the Erechtheion temple, the Acropolis Museum, the Arch of Hadrian or the Temple of Olympian Zeus. There is also a huge collection of antiquities for you to peruse at the National Archaeological Museum.

Naples, Italy is another very popular port of call on Mediterranean cruises. This is another ancient city, dating back more than 2,800 years. Naples is also brimming with extraordinary works of art and architecture. Pompeii should be at the top of your list of tours, one of the world’s most famous excavation sites. Naples is also the birthplace of pizza, so you should seek out an authentic Italian pizza shop before you head back to the ship.

Monte Carlo, Monaco is undoubtedly the most glamorous city on the Riviera, and has long been a favourite holiday destination for the rich and famous. The most popular day trips include stops at the casino, the Hotel de Paris, the Oceanographic Museum, and the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, where Princess Grace and Prince Rainier are entombed.

Istanbul, Turkey dates back to 800 BC, but is now a modern, bustling city of almost 12 million people. One of the most inspiring experiences you might have is listening to the prayers being broadcast over the public loudspeakers in the morning or evening. There are also amazing day trips to visit the Blue Mosque, Istanbul Archaeology Museum, Basilica Cistern, or the Grand Bazaar, the oldest and largest covered marketplace in the world.

Taking a Mediterranean cruise holiday with Cunard Cruises is simply one of the best vacation values for the money. You will be able to sample a wide geographic area of destinations, and see if you’d like to return there for a longer holiday. You will find a non-stop variety of activities, events, activities and meals, and you will be pampered like nowhere else. Plus, most of your shopping can be done duty free! With so much to see and do, every traveller will come home with wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

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Donna Hull said...

I'll be sailing on my third Mediterranean cruise this October. It's an enjoyable way to explore that part of Europe.

Heather Dugan (Footsteps) said...

Sounds like a great way way to enjoy some richly diverse places!

Sherry Ott said...

I'm more of a sailing person rather than cruise person...but you can also get to all of these amazing places by sailboat! Yeah!

Anil said...

I think cruise boats are now sailing from Italy to North Cyprus. Lovely place and much less expensive than the rest!

Mark H said...

@donna: I know you are a huge fan of cruising. October should be a perfect month.

@heather: I think so.

@sherry: Me too.

@anil: I'd love to visit Cyprus (north and south). Sounds an idyllic place.

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