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Save an Average of 41% on your City Break Hotel

Guest post by the short breaks team at

Some great advice on saving significant money on hotel bookings based on recent European research from I was surprised by the size of the savings for the sake of a staying a couple of miles from the city centre.

Many holidaymakers are turning their interests to the increasingly popular European city break. Whether they’re looking to enjoy the breathtaking architecture of Barcelona’s cityscape, or wanting to jet away with your beloved partner for a romantic Parisian setting, you’ll be surprised to know you can save a remarkable 41% (£53 per room per night) on your hotel, simply by booking 5 miles from the centre itself.

Research by shows the average of 41% across 5 of the more popular destinations. For a Parisian getaway you can save even more, with the average being 48%. Not only can you save by venturing a little further, you can also opt for higher quality hotels, take the French capital for example, you can book the 4 star Golden Tulip Paris hotel, just 5 miles out for £100 a night, while the 1 star Le Petit Belloy Saint German within the centre, is offering a room for £132 per night.

This isn’t just the case for Paris; the research shows a similar pattern for Venice, London, Barcelona and Madrid. A saving of £94 per room per night (60%) can be found in London by being a little further afield.

The main thing you should bear in mind to see prices fall, is to keep to hotels away from major business areas such as Canary Wharf in London or La Defense in Pais, as their popularity is shown in the price.

Venturing from the centre and its attractions isn’t the setting stone for a dull weekend. The hotels that featured within the research were well within a mile of a bus or metro station, enabling access to all of the city’s sites.

Even with the prices of metro or bus tickets, you’ll still be making a recognisable saving. Taking London for example, a hotel 5 miles out will put you within zone 3 of the tube map; the most expensive travel day card will cost £6.30 per adult, which covers zones 1-4 off-peak. Being £12.60 a day for two adults, you’ll still be saving on average over £40 a day, nearly £81 over the course of the weekend. And in the majority of cases, even staying in the centre itself may need the ability to travel in order to see some of the more renowned sites.

Metro and bus tickets are relatively inexpensive, with option to have individual or day passes. Most cities also offer travel cards or something similar that will give you access to all the cities public transport, from undergrounds to water buses.

There are some instances where opting for a travel card will give you additional benefits. London’s travel card comes with a promotional 2 for 1 entry to some of London’s more popular attractions such as the London Eye and the London Tower. This is available to anyone purchasing a travel card from specific railway stations as opposed to the underground or Dockland Light Rail (DLR), saving even more.

Top tips for saving money on city break hotels:

    •   Look for hotels 5 miles or further from the city centre.
    •   Book a hotel close to a Metro or bus station for ease and quick access to the city’s attractions.
    •   Check travel cards for promotions, like 2 for 1 entry to major attractions, giving you additional savings (terms and conditions often apply, please check relevant websites for more details)
    •   Avoid hotels near stadiums or business areas

Research Notes
Research conducted by Correct on 14 June 2010.
Based on 2 adults, 1 double room, room only. Dates of: 16th-18th July (Friday and Saturday night).
Prices per room per night.
Data compiled on 5 cities of London, Venice, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona.

Photo Credits: Coins, Paris, London


Marina K. Villatoro said...

Great post! I’m sure it will be very helpful for many travelers. Thanks for sharing

darngooddigs said...

I totally agree that you can usually find better rates outside center city. And sometimes staying in a side neighborhood can even be better than staying in the middle of town. For example, when we went to Barcelona, we stayed in a small hostal in the Poblenou neighborhood – complete with its own mini Ramblas lined with restaurants and gelaterias, and a beach right next door. – plus a metro a few blocks away. I think it’s all about doing the research before hand – and making sure the hotel’s location is where you want to be. It’s not fun if you feel too far away from the action or unsafe.

Darn Good Digs – – guide to the world’s best independently owned accommodations for budget-minded travelers

El Cid Vacations said...

My friend's planning on a Eurotrip and he's got $6,000 budget. you think that's enough?

Mark H said...

@marina: Thank you

@darngooddigs: You have a great site that I thoroughly recommend.

@el cid: Sounds enough - depends on how long, where the person wants to travel and their standards for accommodation and food

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