Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Drinks Around the World: Bibicaffe (Italy)

Again a product of an age-old family recipe, Bibicaffe is one of the more unusual soda drinks I have ever tasted. Bibicaffe is a bottled, mildly carbonated coffee drink - a sparkling espresso. While a fraction sweet to me (though at least it is real cane sugar), Bibicaffe has subtle flavours of caramel and vanilla woven into a strong coffee flavour, presenting one of the most unusual drinks I've tried and very refreshing straight from the bottle (small bottle with the traditional bottlecap) on a hot Italian day (exploring Pompeii).

Alternatively, Bibicaffe is served in cafes poured over ice and with a dash of cream (like a bubbly macchiato). Reading their website, it is also used in a range of suggested cocktails. Incidentally, the Bibicaffe website is one of the most painful and cheesy sites I've ever witnessed with cringe-worthy music and painful cartoon-like graphics. Visit at your peril!!

For those who like coffee, Bibicaffe is well worth trying when exploring the wonders of Italy. Whether it is for refreshment or a bit of a lift, it is one of the most unusual and best soda drinks I've drunk and a real taste of Italy.
Travel Wonders highlights a characteristic drink experienced on his travels. Prior articles have featured drinks as widely varied as Vietnamese slow-drip coffee, Austrian Almdudler, Green Mint Tea from Morocco and cherry beer (Belgium).


Heather Dugan (Footsteps) said...

I enjoy my morning coffee but am not much for soda. This, I might have to try,however!

Sherry Ott said...

I'm heading to Italy this December - will be on the lookout for bibicaffe - I've never heard of it before! Coffee + Soda...sounds like I may be hooked!

Mark H said...

@heather: It is a very unusual drink and I've enevr seen an equivalent anywhere else.

@sherry: Keep a look out for it - especially in the south of Italy. It was a little sweet for me but a very unusual drink.

Anil said...

You got me with 'sparkling espresso' - but you're right, then need to change that website. A popup on the homepage for the page itself? Yikes.

Mark H said...

@anil: It is difficult to tell whether their website is intentionally bad or accidently bad.

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