Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Splendours of Makadi Bay (Egypt)

guest post by Red Sea Holidays

Egypt is home to many ancient splendours and modern attractions, making the country a favourite Middle Eastern holiday destinations. And why not? Situated between the Mediterranean Basin and the Red Sea, Egypt has a great range of tempting locations in which to stay for a short break or for a long holiday – the choice is up to you. And if Egypt’s the destination, make Makadi Bay, on the eastern coast, the travel base.

One of the new resorts springing up along the Red Sea, Makadi Bay is an experience in Egyptian luxury and hospitality that shouldn’t be missed. Based around leisure, shopping, and activities, Makadi Bay is the perfect destination for those seeking escapism, pampering, relaxation and something a little different. The resort is home to bars, restaurants, shops, bazaars, and the latest in relaxation facilities; there are also amazing beaches and stunning views of the arid land between the Nile and the Red Sea. Just south of Hurghada, the capital of the Red Sea governorate and site of the closest international airport, the resort is incredibly easy to reach. If none of that sounds ideal enough already, the resort acts as a fantastic base for trips to other places of interest in Egypt and out in the Red Sea.

Due to the nature of the resort, the quality of accommodation is really high; you can book with complete ease of mind that, whatever your budget, your stay will be comfortable and of a superb standard. Egyptian service is beyond compare, as all visitors are welcomed here and every need is catered for. Looking for adventure and activity? The water sports are incomparable: the Red Sea is one of the most fascinating dive sites in the world, and Makadi Bay is perfect for beginner and professional alike. Swimming, horse riding, tennis, indoor climbing, whatever particular thrill you’re seeking, Makadi Bay offers it. As well as entertainment on tap, the resort has some of the best spa and relaxation facilities in the area. For those needing pampering, the massages, spas, indoor pools and health gyms will provide the relief necessary for a true holiday.

The bars, restaurants and shops located with the resort-town are definitely recommended. A world of cuisines is available, with a restaurant to suit every taste and enough places to experience a different flavour every day for at least a month. Don’t miss the local restaurants offering authentic Middle Eastern fare. The shops are individualistic and fascinating, enough to tempt even the most retail-resistant partner into browsing for hours. Finding a souvenir was never so easy. And at night, the bars and clubs come to life: the nightlife is vibrant and fun, so expect to make new friends and enjoy new experiences during a stay in Makadi Bay.

However long the visit, whatever your budget, and whatever personal taste, there is something here for everyone. Makadi Bay is considered part of the Red Sea Riviera for a reason: visit and experience the comfort and the exquisite beauty on offer in style.

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Pooja Singh said...

Nice blog and so beautiful pics.

Seiryu said...

very nice place to visit

Simona said...

Very nice review, the place looks beautiful! Will pay a visit soon hopefully!

Mark H said...

@all: Makdi Bay does look special. Egypt is a remarkable country to visit.

Heather on her travels said...

It's a great time to visit Egypt as the numbers of tourists have dropped right off after the revolution

Mark H said...

@heather: That is a great point. It probably means prices are down too.

spain rentals said...

Its a great post. Thanks for sharing these splendors of Egypt. Hopefully i will also plan a trip for Egypt. I think Egypt is a great place for the holiday.

Mark H said...

@spain rentals: It is a great time to go to Egypt with its reduced numbers and hence better prices.

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