Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tenerife for Thrillseekers (Spain)

guest post by Amy Baker

Aspiring Tiger Woods’ may be unable to think of anything better than a holiday chock a block full of Tenerife golf but what does the island offer for those who like something a little more adrenaline fuelled? Well, this volcanic Canary Island is just the spot for a multitude of activities designed to get those pulses racing and year round sunshine guarantees that it will always be a pleasurable experience.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned surfer there are numerous beaches dotted around the island that are perfect for all abilities and that aren’t too far from the famous Tenerife bars which ensure a raucous evening is had by all.

Great surfing spots include El Socorro in the north of the island where there are consistently good waves and despite its name, Los Gigantes beach doesn’t always have waves big enough to send even Kelly Slater running for the hills in fear, in fact this is a great spot for beginners and it is easily accessible by car. El Medano is another good beginners beach but is perhaps better known for windsurfing and kite-surfing allowing you to turn up and figure out which activity you fancy having a go at that day.

Rock climbing is big business in Tenerife due to the warm climate and some of the most challenging climbing in Europe. There are over 900 different routes to explore ensuring that beginners and advanced climbers are catered for.

Arico Gorge is the largest climbing area on the island and is home to the most challenging routes. Arico is a dried up riverbed full of huge boulders, pine trees and crazy overhangs up to 30m high. Certainly not for the faint-hearted! Another great spot is Cañada del Capricho at the base of Mount Teide where there are spirals of volcanic rock up to 300m high to tackle.

The only problem with rock climbing holidays is that you need to lug your equipment around – adventure travellers have gotten around this by taking up new craze – bouldering. There are eight good bouldering sites where all you need is your upper body strength and a crash mat and you’re away.

Lazing on one of Tenerife’s beaches may be sufficient entertainment to some but more adventurous tourists may opt for only visiting the beach as they come in to land from a skydive. There are a multitude of skydiving schools to choose from all offering you the chance to go against all your body’s natural instincts and fling yourself out of a plane.

If that’s not for you then paragliding is another popular activity in Tenerife and rewards adventurers with a slightly more relaxed birds eye view of the island. The islands unbeatable weather guarantees warm thermal currents perfect for paragliding.

No matter what activity you are a fan of or would like to try, Tenerife is bursting with options which will allow you to enjoy the glorious year-round sunshine whilst working up an appetite which means you will be able to put away a few beers and some hearty Canarian fare without any guilt. For more information about the activities offered on the island visit

Photo Credits: sunrise, rock climbing, paragliding

Amy Baker lives in London and works as a freelance writer and editor for a variety of magazines and online media. She enjoys a good book, photography, eating out, getting to know new people and places and aims to travel the World.


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