Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cyprus: Clubs, Countryside or Castles?

guest post by Ricky Durrance

There are many so called gateways in the world. Countries where influences from different cultural and social worlds mix together to create a unique experience for visitors. For instance, Turkey is often referred to as the gateway to the East – and perhaps the gateway to the West if you approach it from the opposite direction. However, for a true experience of extremes, Cyprus has few equals. One night you could be anywhere in Western Europe, dancing to the best music in the best clubs. The next you could be on the north coast, exploring a truly beautiful and idyllic scene, full of green fields and ancient castles. Whatever takes your fancy, just book into a Cyprus hotel and fill your boots!

Cyprus Clubs

Ask any twenty something in the UK where the best place to go to for fun, clubs and partying is and the majority will say Cyprus, or, more likely, Ayia Napa. Tens of thousands of people head to the party capital of the world every year for one thing and one thing only –world famous Cyprus clubs. Located on the south east of the island, Ayia Napa is home to well-known and famous party venues – Castle Club, Napa Dreams, Insomnia – the list goes on. When arriving in town expect to see Cyprus hotels booked up to the rafters with carefree youngsters and superstar DJ’s, all preparing for raucous night time activities in the best Cyprus clubs.

Cyprus Countryside

Do not just judge Cyprus by Ayia Napa. To do so would be a travesty as there is so much more to this beautiful island. Cyprus boasts a number of outstanding areas of natural beauty that make it a perfect destination for a walking holiday. Cyprus is known as the island of Aphrodite, who was the goddess of love and beauty – perhaps a clue as to what to expect when visiting. Booking into Cyprus hotels in the less touristy areas of the island is fairly simple in most months of the year. Once settled in, get exploring. The month of September is generally considered to be the best time to visit, as the hot summer sun will not be as harsh and makes for perfect walking weather. The Troodos Mountain Park (photo) and the Akamas Peninsula are two popular areas for walkers thanks to the vast array of wildlife and plants on show.

Cyprus Castles

Like your history? Are you a keen culture vulture who is looking for a holiday whilst also having the opportunity to take in life outside of Cyprus hotels? Cyprus has over 9000 years worth of history which means that visitors are never left disappointed on the cultural front. Kyrenia Castle (photo, top), Kantara Castle, St. Hilarion Castle (photo, right) and Buffanvento Castle are all well visited castles in Kyrenia alone. If Cyprus clubs are not your scene, just spend your days pottering around the ancient ruins which have been influenced by the various island conquers, such as the Romans, Persians and Egyptians to name but a few.

There is so much more to Cyprus than clubbing. True, Cyprus clubs still do and will continue to pull in the crowds. But it is also welcoming to all other visitors – just make sure you book into the right accommodation via

Ricky Durrance is a freelance copywriter and enthusiastic traveller who is always looking to write for and meet interesting people who share his passion for travel. Ricky names Cambodia and Laos on his list of favourite travel destinations.

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Sudha said...

I lived in cyprus for an year and loved the place...a must visit if you want to see a few remains of the byzantine empire and lovely serene beaches

Mark H said...

@sudha: So much history for such a comparatively small island and country.

Mihaela said...

Kourion Theatre and Afrodita's Temple are nice places to visit in Cyprus. It is said on this island Afrodita was born.

Mark H said...

@mihaela: Some good suggestions. Thank you. There is an exceptional amount of historic sights for such a small island country.

Flights Search said...

This is great Cyprus: Clubs, If i can get a overseas holiday packages to Cyprus.

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