Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Mesmerising Skills of a Sushi Chef (Japan)

Some years ago I was taken to a tiny sushi restaurant (maybe only places for 12) in Tokyo by a good friend, fluent in Japanese and the culture of the country. It remains one of my finest dining experiences.

Most memorable was watching the mesmeric skills of the chef. Over numerous courses while happily chatting, the chef wielded his short knife with the skills of a conductor skilfully sliced paper thin gleaming slices of fish, prepared a stellar tasting sample from the fat of the fish, carefully shaped pieces of eel and whipped up wasabi (horseradish) using the roughened skin of a shark.

The variety of seafood, the delicate flavours balanced across the courses, the ritual and the experience will stay with me forever. Eating at a sushi/sashimi restaurant in Japan is an experience worth chasing and savouring.

This article is written for Blog Action Day and the theme for 2011 is food.

Note: The photo is a generic photo and not from the evening.


Barbara Weibel said...

Interesting, Mark, I had never considered that eating at a Sushi restaurant in Japan night be much different from eating at one in the U.S. but when I really thought about it and compared Mexican food in the States to what is found in Mexico, I realized how much different it might be.

Mark H said...

@barbara: I like your parallel with Mexican. Pizza in Italy is a completely different experience too.

Alberta Toyota said...

I love Japanese food because of it's fresh taste and ingredients. Plus it's also very healthy. How they can whip up a very tasty meal using raw ingredients is amazing.

Mark H said...

@alberta toyoto: I fully agree. One of the world's finest cuisines.

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