Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo of the Week: Lift Bridge (Bourke, Australia)

Built in 1883, this bridge was one of the first lift span bridges built over the Darling River. Designed to accommodate the 200 or so paddle steamers plying the inland waters of Australia by hand-cranking the centre section upwards, it was constructed in England and brought to Bourke in sections by paddle steamer. It was finally replaced by a newer bridge in 1998 (visible behind the old bridge) and remains open for delightful strolls near the superb river gums and across the Darling River.

Past floods mark the centre pylons as Bourke braces itself for more flooding in early March (more on Bourke floods and droughts). Expected to reach almost 14 metres, it will have water sloshing around the iron girders just under the wooden slats of the bridge.


Jezreel Ricafort said...

This a great information to all those looking for extra ordinary travel adventure.

Mark H said...

@jezreel: Getting outside of Australia's big cities is a bit of an adventure.

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