Monday, February 13, 2012

Road Trip: Perth to Ayers Rock

guest post by Sarah Paige

Next time you’re planning a holiday, why not try and see some of outback Australia. Europe may have its ancient buildings and Asia has plenty of jungle to explore but where else can you drive through sparse desert on the world’s straightest road, seeing some of Mother Nature’s rarest flora and fauna? It’s road trip time.

Getting Started

Start your journey in Perth, Australia’s fastest growing city and head east towards some of the most isolated desert in the country. The trip to Ayers Rock (Uluru) is around 4000 kilometres, even longer if travelling off the beaten track.

Look into buying a used car in Perth as it can be cheaper than hiring one for the long term. Covering so many kilometres will take at least a week, more if you want to take your time and stop off at landmarks.

Where to Go

After leaving Perth, get onto the Great Eastern Highway and head for Adelaide, the biggest town on this stretch is Merredin with a population of just 2500 (and a good bakery). You will eventually come to the Eyre Highway, which contains the world’s longest stretch of straight road. There is not a single turn between Balladonia and Caiguna. That’s 146 kilometres of straight, straight driving.

Sights to see include Esperance, the telegraph station at Eucla and Kalgoorlie. There is a homestead between Belladonia and Norseman which is a relaxing place to spend a night. And don't forget the famed Nullabor Links golf course which spans 1365 kilometres next to the Eyre Highway.

Once you have visited the sights of Adelaide, it’s just a quick 1800 km up to Ayers Rock. Head to Cooper Pedy (where you can practise searching for opals and explore the underground town) via the Flinders Ranges, some of Australia’s most beautiful mountains. When you drive into the Northern Territory, prepare to be stunned by the beauty of Uluru (Ayers Rock). Sleep under the stars and marvel at how the sky is so much brighter in the outback. While in central Australia, make sure you visit and experience nearby Kata-Tjuta (The Olgas) and Kings Canyon (photo).

You could spend weeks exploring central Australia and going off the beaten track is always a rewarding travel experience. Just be sure your car is always in perfect running order and that you always have plenty of water and fuel on board and take your time and enjoy the travel wonders of the centre of Australia.

Phoro Credits: Uluru, Perth, Eyre Highway, King's Canyon


Bed And Breakfast Hotel Luray VA said...

Ayers Rock are considered one of most oldest rocks on Earth that still exist. If someone is planning to visit Ayers Rock he/she must see cave paintings and carvings made over many thousands years ago by the ancient local people.

Sherry Ott said...

I LOVE road trips - and strangely this one sounds cool! It's a part of Australia that I've never seen! I love the idea of buying a car too - it's often cheaper. That's what we did for the Mongol Rally!

Mark H said...

@B&B: Very old and sacred to the indigineous Australians.

@sherry: I suspect the trip is straightforward compared with your epic into Mongolia.

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