Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve Fireworks (Sydney, Australia)

Every year, many cities around the world welcome the new year with a burst of fireworks, showcasing their city's special landmarks and culture. Being the middle of summer, Sydneysiders jam-pack both shores of the harbour or jockey for prime position among the thousands of pleasure craft and yachts, enjoying picnics, family, friends and frivolities in the warm Sydney air.

For around a quarter of an hour on the stroke of midnight, fireworks shoot and tumble from around and upon the spectacular Sydney Harbour Bridge. They make for a joyous and uplifting start to any year. A special symbol is lit on the bridge marking the significance of the particular blossoming year. To all of you, best wishes for 2009. Enjoy some photos from the new year of a couple of years ago.


jasperjugan said...

happy new year!!!

Final_Transit said...

Happy 2009 to you Mark!

Suzanne Perazzini said...

Thanks so much for taking those photos. The show looks truly remarkable. We had something simliar from the Auckland Sky Tower.
Happy New Year.

Claudia said...

what a nice blog! what about a link exchange with my travel blog?
happy new year from Florence, Italy!!!

Mark H said...

@jasperjugan, @final_transit: Happy New Year to you too.

@Suzanne: I think fireworks are a big things in many new year celebrations around the world. The Auckland tower would work well.

@claudia: Let's discuss via email. And Happy New Year.

Cecil Lee said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 Mark!! May all your blog wishes come true in this coming 12 months!
Oops! Am I too late to wish?

Mark H said...

@cecil: Happy New Year to you too (and of course, it isn't too late!)

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