Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Drinks Around the World: Chimay Beer

Last month, Lifecruiser initiated an international cocktail party run at the start of each month where writers highlight a notable drink from their travels or experiences.

For Travel Wonders last month was Pisco Sour from Peru and Chile, while this month's comes from the hallowed walls of a Belgian monastery.

Chimay beer, served in a specially designed and appropriate chalice glass (top photo is Chimay Red) is one of the world's few Trappist beers. Brewed by Trappist monks (who conduct their lives in near silence) within their abbey walls, with all money raised going back to the monastery or selected charities, their creamy beers are all strong on alcohol and very refreshing. My favourite of their three offerings is Chimay Blue, a dark, bitter beer (with a potent 9% alcohol). Unlike most beers, claims are that it improves with age in its bottle.

Also produced within the monastery as a perfect accompaniment is Chimay cheese, one variety of which is soaked in beer as part of its production.

So here is santé to all those international drinkers at our mid-year cocktail party.


Richard Smalley said...

Drinks abroad? Where do we start? Pisco sour is a good drink. Also Duvel, a Belgium beer I think 7.5%must be similar to chimnay or even a Grolsch Cannon Duth Beer but my all time favourite was in Chile with a Indian Chilean.

It was half a pint of white wine and two shots (I forgot which spirit but any body would after drinking this) in a pint glass with a huge blob of vanilla ice cream which slowly melted in the heat of the day.

It was brilliant and it's was Earthquake because the floor moved once you drank it.

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Oh, may, that one I really want to taste!!! You always come up with so interesting posts and this one is no exception! Yummy.

...and @Richard Smalley had some great ones to share too! Earthquake! Wow!


Anil said...

Trappist monks? Fascinating, I'll have to read more about them...of course and do a taste test of Chimay next time I can get my hands on some.

marina villatoro said...

Sounds like a great drink! I love European beers.


GMG said...

Hi Matt! I prefer the Leffe! Blonde, Brune ou Radieuse... Also the Duvel. But, if none, I'll take the Kwak or the Chimay!!!

Blogtrotter is anticipating the 4th of July fireworks; but in a different country... ;) Have a great weekend (or vacation, should you have that chance...)!

Adventures in Teaching said...

Hiya!! I just stumbled across your blog!! I love the post and the blog.

Mark H said...

@richard: Duvel is tasty too. The Earthquake sounds bizarre - alcohol and icecream??

@lifecruiser: You should be able to get it in Stockholm. It is stocked in Australia.

@anil: At least do the taste test!!

@marina: Superb.

@GMG: They all sound good to me.

@adventures in teaching: Thank you

Andy Hayes said...

Bottoms up everyone! I prefer the Karmeliet, but a Chimay will do in a pinch.

Richard Smalley said...

Come on you're travellers, ice-cream and alcohol shouldn't sound to odd. I had a Chilean woman comment on my blog, turns out Chileans mix ice-cream with everything.

The next time it's sunny day, lob a lump of ice-cream in ya drink.

Mark H said...

@richard: I'll try it next time I get a chance though it will be with trepidation!

SHERRY OTT said...

Bottom's up! I've always been a fan of Chimay. I may even be going to Belgium this summer and can try it at it's birthplace!

Cheap ferry to France said...

Thats one thing you can say about the belgians, they have some great Trappist beers, make sure to try Duvel as well, great stuff

Mark H said...

@sherry: I think the monastic beers are among the best in the world.

@ferries: I've tried Duval and like it very much. Thankyou for the suggestion.

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