Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Opera House Light Art (Sydney, Australia)

Sydney is currently in the middle of a three week festival based on lighting. Centrepiece of the festival is an ever-changing light display on the sails of the Sydney Opera House, based on the work of Brian Eno, whose work includes producing several U2 albums and composing the familiar short startup music for Windows.

A "Smart Light" walk through Sydney's historic Rocks area towards Circular Quay and the Opera House showcases around twenty light art sculptures. A festival focus is for the lights to be energy efficient and recyclable. As with all sculpture, the displays include the absorbing, bizarre and confusing.

Along with the Opera House, the Museum of Contemporary Art is lit in a changing stellar array of patterned lights, lighting the sandstone bricks but not the windows.

Words do little to capture the enchanting lighting display on the Opera House so hopefully a sequence of photos give some idea.


Guam Blog said...

Wow. Those light displays are pretty cool. Usually the rooftops are just plain white.

Heather Dugan ("Footsteps") said...

Lovely photos. Light adds such a lively dimension to art and architecture. ~Wish I could walk through there!

Mark H said...

@guamblog: Yes, normally the Opera House is lit in white.

@footsteps: I'm surprised about how many people locally have talked about the Opera House lights so it must be making an impression. Light does add some magic to architecture. I've always enjoyed cities where they imaginatively (and tastefully) light their showcase buildings at night. I think it shows a certain city pride.

pau_p1 said...

Wow... the Opera House looked very nice with those colors and lights... nice shots...

Dacou said...

Beautiful images. Opera house is looking too cool due to great work of light architecture.

Thank you

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