Sunday, June 7, 2009

Travel Website with a Difference - Hitchhiking Around the World

In 2003, Frenchman Ludovic Hubler commenced a five year journey hitchhiking around the world spending nothing on transport between towns, countries or continents over the entire journey. Hubler refused all rides involving payment. In that time, Hubler travelled through 59 different countries covering around 170,000 kilometres in 10 ships (working on the ship) and 1,300 different cars and trucks.

His daily budget (described in detail in French) was US$10, including around 180 presentations to schools, clubs and universities. Hubler's somewhat chaotic site celebrates an extraordinary modern travel journey complete with superb cartoons of his adventures and numerous photos.

Hubler claims to have spent 20,000 hours (or 833 full days or 2.25 years) waiting for his next trip with a maximum wait of 28 hours. One single car drove him for five and a half days across the Sahara while another took him 1,700 kilometres down the east coast of South America. In India, Hubler got to meet the Dalai Lama who he deeply admires.

Hubler is penning a blog detailing his journey in reverse.

Hubler must have some fantastic stories to tell and surely goes down as the greatest hitchhiking traveller and a truly hardcore adventurer.

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Photo and cartoon courtesy of Ludovic Hubler.


Harry said...

This post is very useful for those people who are used to for travel world wide and who are always to ready for go abroad,
specially for those people who want to go European countries like UK. You blog is not a blog it is a informational guide for
us. we appreciate your workS. Keep it up

Mark H said...

@harry: I'd never thought about it but I guess you are correct. Thank you for your kind remarks and keep travelling. With the web, I do assume that people can work out how to get to a place.

Heather Dugan ("Footsteps") said...

Five years! I checked out Ludovic's blog and have bookmarked it for a return visit. I will definitely check out the other two as well.
I've missed a few of your recent posts (way too busy!), and "Travel Wonders" is one of my "must read" blogs. Catching up now...

brian said...

Thanks for the post. There are so many variations on traveling you could go around the world in an infinite amount of ways. Some folks traveling around the world not using any planes.

Mark H said...

@footsteps: Five years of hitching would be beyond me

@brian: People seem to be thinking of more bizarre ways to explore the world. Thanks for popping by my blog.

Richard Smalley said...

Theres some mad people out there and I love it, I don't feel so odd after all.

It's great he did something like that and to show it's possible. I'm well travelled and love to hear things like this.

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