Thursday, December 22, 2011

British Columbia – Splendour without Diminishment (Canada)

guest post by Nazeli K. Kyuregyan

The Latin motto splendor sine occasu suits perfectly the most exciting Canadian province. Let its natural gems inspire your soul while its vibrant cities conquer your mind.

Splendid Nature

Incredibly naturally gifted, British Columbia is venerated by adventurers from all around the world. Whether you are a skier, snowboarded, free-climber, hiker, cave-explorer, animal lover, kayaker, experienced golfer, or a beach devotee BC has a special gift just for you. It will impress you with its steep snowy slopes, rocky mountains, endless green pathways, labyrinths of caves, unforgettable wild animal-watching, enchanting kayak-paradise creeks, sun beamed golf courses, sandy beaches and much, much more. This is probably the only place in the world where you cam ski in the morning and sunbath in the afternoon. Its generous 824 naturals parks have everything from frozen waterfalls to even a small desert.

Splendid Vancouver

Even if you are not particularly attached to Mother Nature, BC will definitely not bore you. A single day is enough to turn you into a Vancouver-addict. The multicoloured metropolis, locked between the Coast Mountain and the Pacific, has many secrets to share. Variety is the key word here, where you can find all types of accommodation, restaurants that will take you across all continents and activities to fill your every second.

Explore Chinatown for an original dim sun, have a shopping session at the fashionable Yaletown then stop for a very special maple cream ale at Granville Island and drift through its colourful markets. Have a perfumed stroll among the roses of Stanley Park and a rendezvous with the charming giant octopus at the Vancouver Aquarium. Old-style Gaston is a must for its unique ancient houses and the famous Steam Clock, followed by a picnic under a 500-year old tree at the Seymour National Park.

If you are hungry for romance head to the Sunshine Coast for a magnificent ocean cruise or a kayak race among the tranquil creeks, whereas if you need to show off your hi-tech snow equipment the exclusive Whistler snow resort will become your top destination.

More adventures are just around the corner. Challenge yourselves with the extra-tough 2.9km Grouse Grind Trail then enjoy the Pacific during a windsurf lesson.

Splendid Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is the home of British Columbia’s majestic capital Victoria. Go back in time as you study its colonial architecture, explore the old Inner Harbour, get lost in its famous flower gardens or take your high tea in an old-style hotel. Remember to greet the inhabitants of the West Coast, the orcas, then have a breath-taking visit of Canada’s tallest waterfalls, the Della Falls. A busy day requires a healthy dinner at the Salmon Capital of the WorldCampbell River.

Splendid Haida Gwaii

The Queen Charlotte Islands, now known as Haida Gwaii, treasure the authentic aboriginal culture. The villages and museums of the First Nations will unravel Canada’s indigenous history and heritage. The archipelago is also home to unique animal and plant species together with rare First Nations art and crafts.

Splendid Glamping

If you love nature but feel uncomfortable for its side effects (bugs, unwelcoming tents, mud, canned food, etc.), glamping, or glamorous camping, is your solution. British Columbian resorts offer comfortable outdoor experiences such as dark chocolate s’mres by the bonfire, yoga lessons in the middle of the lush rainforest, or master-chef pancakes with freshly picked huckleberries for breakfast.

Whatever you do, do not miss to say hi to the nicest inhabitant of British Columbia – the grizzly, that you can easily spot on a luxury bear watching cruise.

For more, check out My Destination British Columbia.

Photo Credits: lake, bears, Vancouver night, gardens, Haida Gwaii


Gerard ~ GQ trippin said...

It's hard not to want to go to Vancouver after reading this post!

Ben said...

I love the sound of Glamping, what a great term!!

And congrats on your nomination for best travel blog at, you have a great little blog going on here!

property in jaipur said...


Heather on her travels said...

When we were in Vancouver island a few years ago for a friend's wedding we enjoyed a visit to Tofino on Vancouver Island and went whale watching - although I remember feeling very sea sick at the time!

Mark H said...

@gerard: One of the great travel cities of the world.

@ben: I like the word "glamping" as well. Seems to have evolved from Canada.

Mark H said...

@heather: I've been whale watching a few times and remain mesmerised by the beauty and grace of these giants of the oceans.

Sherry said...

Some great info! I wish I would have simply had more time to explore Vancouver when I was there for TBEX last summer. It appears that there's so much to see and do!

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