Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Quirkiest Ski of Your Life

guest post by Kirsty Leckie-Palmer

This New Year as you’re busy flinging your glass to the heavens and toasting health, wealth, and happiness, remember to make room on your list of resolutions for a new experience. Once you’ve been on a ski holiday once, it’s unlikely you’ll change the routine if you’ve found a smart little resort with good snow coverage, a cosy fireside and swift access to the slopes. However, the reason we all go skiing - have you forgotten the sense of adventure? When booking your luxury ski holidays 2012, don’t just blindly thrust your credit card at the old reliable destination; check out new, exciting ways to hit the snow. Remember, life is much more fun if you do something every day that scares you…

Night Skiing in Montreal

With the largest area of fully lit pistes in the world, Mont Saint-Saveur in Montreal is perfect for those skiers who are sick of a ruddy nose and the blinding glare of the hillside sun. It also has the record for having the longest ski season, running from October to June. If this isn’t enough, they also have the Viking rollercoaster toboggan ride which hurtles through the trees and snow to leave you shrieking in delight – or terror - depending on whether you decide to use the optional braking mechanism mounted on the toboggan!

Heli-Skiing in Alaska

What’s more exhilarating than flinging your body down a mountain? Factor in a helicopter, and some of the most remote, untouched runs in the world, and you’re getting close. Located in the south-eastern side of the Chugach Mountains, Points North Heli-Adventures inc have the monopoly on the area, with over 1000 square miles of unexplored terrain. In spite of the lack of competition, they still shine globally as one of the best heli-skiing destinations on the planet. They’ll arrange everything from beginners runs to fly fishing and glacier tours. You can even finish your day with fish and chips at the gloriously-dubbed Reluctant Fisherman.

Summer Skiing in California

Yes, it’s possible, and not just on the dry-ski slopes. Whether you’re so dedicated to honing your skills you can’t bear to pack away your gear until winter or you have ambitions of training as instructor, many resorts do stay open in the summer months, and can be a lot more enjoyable with their lack of crowds and more economical tolls. With a ski season lasting from November to June, Mammoth Mountain in California has an unusual volume of snowfall, 3500 acres of mountainside, and a scenic gondola ride. What more do you need?

Indoor Skiing in Dubai

How about not being blasted by the great outdoors? There’s now an entire indoor ski resort, called Ski Dubai, in the extravagant Dubai Emirates Mall. This isn’t just for novices either, the 400 metre slopes boast the world’s only indoor black run. There are professional instructors on hand and a quarter pipe for snowboarders. Then, blow your mind by stepping out into the blazing Emirates sunshine for a well-earned après-ski.

Photo Credits: California, Snow Tracks, Dubai


Jenna Vandenberg said...

If you win big (or even moderately) at the blackjack tables you can use your winning for lift tickets at Mt. Charleston in Las Vegas.

Toronto Airport Limo said...

i wish i could see your blog on my trip to dubai then i would definitely visit that skiing place there

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Sherry said...

The night skiing sounds crazy! I'm not much of a skier, but the toboggan sounds like fun!

Toronto limo service said...

why didn't i came across about this indoor skiing on my visit to dubai. next time for sure will go there

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Mark H said...

@jenna: Somehow I never assocaite skiing with Las Vegas

@toronto limo: I didn't see the skiing place when I first went to Dubai either.

@sherry: I've tried night skiing once and I love the idea of everything around you being dark and the skies sparkling with stars.

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