Thursday, January 19, 2012

Historic Court House: 100 Years of Change? (Bourke, Australia)

Bourke has a most distinct and unusual courthouse, one of a number of historic buildings. Built in a colonial style surrounding a small garden area for cooling and for legal folks to commune and contemplate, remarkably little has changed since its construction in 1899 (for the princely sum of 9,500 pounds) as the archival photos show. As Australia's only inland maritime court (the crown on the spire indicates this - click on the photo to see it enlarged), it has heard some significant cases over the years and continues to mete justice out today.

Isn't it striking how the archival photos show uncluttered streetscapes - no mobile phone towers, no electricity poles, no street signage. All those elements of modern life!!

The garden has a little less style now and it is certainly due a good mow.

Historic photos courtesy of State Archives NSW


Barbara Weibel said...

Ah! But there IS a telephone pole in the archival photo - just not as blatantly obvious as the modern day shot :-)

Mark H said...

@barbara: There is a telephone/telegraph pole in the archive photo. Maybe it is all the wires that seems to detract, but like many I like to have good consistent access to the services those poles and wires provide.

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