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Must Visit Sights of Edinburgh (Scotland)

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There’s nothing worse than arriving in an exciting new city when time’s at a premium and not knowing which places of interest are worth visiting and which are well worth steering clear of. With that in mind, here’s a brief guide to Edinburgh’s best sites and it’s also worth noting that hotels in Edinburgh are in a plentiful supply.

Edinburgh Castle

Perched above the city centre is Edinburgh Castle, arguably the most iconic attraction in the Scottish capital. Go on the free tour and learn more about the historical significance of Edinburgh Castle from one of the experienced guides and witness the one o’clock gun salute, which has taken place nearly every day since as far back as 1861.

National Galleries of Scotland

There are several free museums in Edinburgh that are well worth taking in, one of which is the National Galleries of Scotland. Spread over three sites across the city, the National Galleries of Scotland has thousands of pieces of Scottish and international art to check out and a fascinating sculpture exhibition currently runs until June that’s definitely worth going to see.

National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is another free museum that can keep people of all ages entertained for a few hours. Gallery subjects range from art and design to world cultures. There are detailed displays related to Scottish history inlcuding Celtic treasures and battles with England. There are also typically special one-off exhibitions to explore.

Scott Monument

Located in the valley beneath Edinburgh Castle, Scott Monument offers a great view of the city if you can muster the energy to climb to the top of the 287 steps to reach the top. The huge structure was built as a tribute to Sir Walter Scott, a famous Scottish writer who was born in the city in the 1700s.

The Royal Mile

Edinburgh’s Old Town is a fascinating place and within the labyrinth of streets that makes it up is The Royal Mile. Running between Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyrood pubs, restaurants and interesting shops line The Royal Mile, which is a charming area of the city that brings together the old and new to brilliant effect. It’s also the perfect spot to treat yourself to a few local delicacies or sample a whisky.

Photo Credits: Edinburgh Castle, National Museum, Royal Mile


Nick Scott said...

Nice article. Are your clients aware that you can travel by canal narrowboat from the Falkirk Wheel via Linlithgow right into heart of Edinburgh (10mins walk to Castle). Can be on a self drive hired boat, or on our hotel boat.

Ab Machines said...

Awesome share mate you have done an excellent job by posting this topic,as i was looking for it for the past three days,the words chosen in this paragraph are great and the main idea of the topic is conveyed superbly,keep up the good work mate.

Mark H said...

@nick: I don't know if my readers are aware of the canal boat so thank you for pointing it out.

@abmachine: Thank you

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