Monday, January 30, 2012

Three Top Mountain Spas

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Spa hotels of all descriptions are synonymous with relaxation, tranquillity and stunning views. However, mountain spas take all those attributes and amplify them tenfold. Surrounded by an imposing yet beautiful range of snow-capped peaks, you’re able to treat yourself in comfort in a well-heated spa while gazing upon the Alps, Rockies or other alpine haven. Holidaying in a spa hotel takes you away from the stresses of urban living. With that in mind, which mountain spas are the best to visit? Here are three of the very finest.

Aqua Dome, Austria

Nestled in the Tirol region of western Austria, the Aqua Dome is a fun, family-friendly venue which has something for visitors young and old. Among its facilities are a massive indoor swimming pool, an ice grotto, a volcano waterfall and one of the most relaxing saunas around. The Aqua Dome’s architecture blends in seamlessly with the landscape, which will make you feel that you’re actually in the Alps.

Red Mountain Resort and Spa, USA

For similar spa enjoyment in North America, the Red Mountain Resort and Spa is just the place for you. Located in the peaceful town of Ivins, Utah, this particular resort combines the thrills of relaxation and adventure. The resort lies within easy reach of a state park, has awe-inspiring views of the local mountain range and has a spa to die for. The Sagestone Spa has its own fusion of locally-sourced desert botanicals, salts and clays to help you achieve ultimate relaxation.

Holidaying at a mountain spa can really help you to get away from it all. If you shop around, you can find some enticing spa offers which will help you save money on your trip. When you’re actually there, whether you spend your time in the spa or exploring the local area, you’ll come back refreshed.

Therme Vals, Switzerland

Built over the only thermal springs in the region, this magnificent spa complex (top photo) has plenty to offer. Its location in south eastern Switzerland means that if you’re staying at Therme Vals, you get to enjoy the stunning scenery on offer, as well as its many facilities. Beautifully architected as a series of geometric caves, Therme Vals includes its own flower chamber and a fire room where you can warm up after walking around Vals. Additionally, the complex has some top-notch cuisine on offer, completing the package if you decide to holiday at Therme Vals.

Photo Credits: Therme Vals, Aqua Dome, Red Mountain


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